Become a certified Methodology X Instructor (NEW!)

We are proud to present our official Methodology X™ Instructor qualification. Now coaches all over the world can study our breakthrough body-weight training system, Learn a tried-and-tested system trusted by Supermodels and gain a specialist coaching qualification to help you as a Personal Trainer, and as Group Instructor – as you will get all the necessary training and resources to set up and teach your own award-winning Methodology X classes.


It’s like Dan is sat beside you, walking you through it part by part. You learn, build confidence and have this huge desire to share with your class participants because there is so much authenticity, as well as plain science facts behind the workout. I truly believe and based on 17 years of teaching classes and PT that this programme will change the way women exercise in the future. More love your body, more mindful movement, more education and empowerment.

Methodology X Instructor, Ria Ingleby


Frequently Asked Questions

This qualification, written by the renowned S&C coach and celebrity personal trainer Dan Roberts teaches a unique, award-winning fitness system to tone up women in an athletic, mindful and fun way.

As you study this 100% online course, you will learn all the correct biomechanics, techniques and teaching points of the Methodology X exercises. All our moves are inspired by a range of movement disciplines including ballet, dance, martial arts, athletics, strength training, yoga and elite sports conditioning.

You will also learn how to teach our suite of award-winning classes and how to use Methodology X in a 1-2-1 Personal Training situation.

This qualification takes around 16 hours of online study and comes with full support. If you want to be part of something new and exciting, and learn a comprehensive female training system that gets your clients/members real results, then this course is for you!


The suite of Methodology X classes are designed for females who exercise regularly and want to enjoy a scientific, precise, varied, intense and mindful body sculpting fitness regime.

Please Note: Even though the Methodology X brand is highly popular within the fashion industry; we do NOT recommend you market your Methodology X classes and 1-2-1 sessions as an exclusive “model-only” experience. All women can benefit from the Methodology X experience.

You must already be at least a certified Fitness Instructor before enrolling.

Methodology X Instructor Training is recommended for certified Fitness Instructors, Barre teachers, Pilates Instructors, Yoga Instructors, Exercise to Music Instructors, Group Ex Instructors, Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers who work with women.

Mostly gym balls and yoga mats. Some of the class structures are completely equipment free and some uses boxes/benches. You can teach methodology X at a gym, studio, park or beach as a 1-2-1 workout system or to groups via a structured classes.

Initially, there are brief online multiple-choice tests following each lesson to complete the course. Plus, for your final exam, we require a video submission showcasing a short Methodology X™ exercise demonstration.

YES. Our Methodology X Instructor qualification is fully accredited and endorsed by the UK’s National Governing Body of Group Exercise.

Upfront Cost: Instructor Course + 12 month licence + full online support = £397

Ongoing costs: After year one there is an admin fee of £75 per year to maintain accreditation and licence, get new class templates and enjoy membership benefits.

You are more than welcome email us or, better yet, if you are interested in enrolling, we can schedule a short telephone/skype chat with the creator of Methodology X™ and CEO of Dan Roberts Group.

Online access to Instructor course + 12 month licence + full support