Methodology X™ is a fitness regime for women created by Strength & Conditioning Coach, Dan Roberts. It draws from his years of experience training a plethora of international models for Victoria Secret shows, swimwear/lingerie shoots, global campaigns and Fashion Weeks.

In addition to professional Models, Methodology X™ is suitable for ALL women who want a clear path to a leaner, firmer and more toned body, while also significantly improving strength (without bulking) and developing core-stability, coordination, grace of movement and body-confidence. Methodology X™ uses an exciting array of movement patterns inspired by pilates, athletics, mindfulness, meditation, plyometrics, yoga, boxing and ballet.

You can experience Methodology X™ as a comprehensive 28-day online workout guide or as a group fitness class led by our growing community of Methodology X Instructors. To stay up to date with our latest news, please follow our dedicated Instagram @methodology_x