That Methodology: Six Weeks Online Workout

Dan Roberts has partnered up with fellow globe-trotting personal trainer Christina Howells. They combine over 50 years of education and coaching experience to bring you their new six-week workout. Built upon their distinctive training methods for women, That Methodology blends new moves with elements of their acclaimed workouts Methodology X and That Girl London.

Benefits of doing That Methodology:

  • Become strong without bulking up
  • Increase definition in the back of your arms, legs, shoulders and inner thighs
  • Firmer and shapelier glutes
  • Flatter stomach with toned oblique’s
  • Stronger core and reduce muscular imbalances
  • Improved posture, energy and glute activation

About That Methodology

Named in honour of some of our most inspirational female ‘badasses’ you will work through different areas of focus in six separate workouts.  These will concentrate on strength, coordination, mobility, skill and athletic capability making this an all-encompassing fitness experience.  Gliders used within the workout intensify your workout making your core and stabiliser muscles work harder.

How do I use That Methodology?

When you purchase your unique login, you will have access to the online workouts and bonus material. Designed to be done in less than 40 minutes a day, the workout will be illustrated with easy-to-follow gifs with a written explanation.

Special thanks to Charli Cohen Activewear