From Jan 5th 2023, I will start a 16-week fitness challenge and athletic transformation for myself, and I’m looking for some training partners!


The Details: I will be training 6 days a week on a progressive exercise regime, not drinking and eating 90% healthily. Training will include strength & conditioning, movement training, martial arts and cardio. It will be hard – we’ll get dramatically stronger, learner, more coordinated, agile and flexible. Why am I doing this? Well, as some of you may know, I haven’t been able to exercise for the last six months – which sucks. So I really need to get myself back into shape ASAP.!

Just being transparent. I’m really not ready for proper training yet!… but I will be in about 5-6 weeks, hence why I’m planning it all now –  and I just figured it would be more fun to do this project with a handful of like-minded folk.



  • We will not be meeting face-to-face, so you don’t need to be based in London/UK.
  • I will email the weekly exercise and diet plan every Sunday and a group WhatsApp chat so we can ALL stay accountable.
  • A gym is not necessary but may be helpful as you’ll need access to dumbells, a bench, kettlebells and potentially a Plyo box and boxing bag.


Costs: Nothing. (This isn’t a work thing, so I won’t be coaching you). I’m doing this for me but figured some of you may want to come along for the ride.


Fitness requirements: What I’m looking for is a small handful of people with a similar mentality to me, who fancy a proper, tough and varied physical challenge and who are disciplined enough to stay the distance. Age, sex and your location are all thankfully irrelevant. You don’t have to blog or TikTok about it, as I’m not trying to promote anything! I just figured it’ll be more fun if there are a few of us doing it.


Application process:  I will be selecting just a very select handful of people to join me on this fitness adventure. If interested, please apply below.

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