Business Mentoring & Consulting

Dan loves helping fellow business owners. In the last 15 years, Dan has been hired as a Mentor & Business Coach to a plethora of Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Celebrity Trainers, Pilates Teachers, Yoga Teachers, Martial Arts Instructors, Nutritionists, Wellness Coaches, fitness entrepreneurs and consulted for numerous Hotels, Gyms and Tech start-ups in the wellness space. Roberts is a regular speaker and respected voice in the global fitness industry and also serves as Business Mentor for The Princes Trust and for Virgin Start-Up.

Dan’s Mentoring program lasts 6 months. He only works with people he feels he can dramatically help. Please apply below.

This popular ‘pick Dan’s brain’ sessions cost £399 for 120 mins. These can be face-to-face in London or via Zoom. Please purchase here and then fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch to book.

Dan’s 6-month Mentoring program.

You will have Dan by your side, asking the hard questions, pushing you,  and holding you accountable. Dan’s own journey, along with his experiences helping a wide variety of businesses, make him both a reliable and exciting choice mentor to help you grow as a business owner, have more impact, make more money and build a successful brand.

This 6-month partnership includes a 75-minute zoom session every 2 weeks, weekly tasks and 1-2-1 support over email/WhatsApp. To apply for this program, please fill in the form below. This Mentoring program costs £3000, which can be paid either upfront or via three instalments.

Mentoring Application Form

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