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Coach Education

“Coaching is the best job in the world… however, it’s the coaches that invest the time and resources into their development, that stay humble and obsessively focus on their customers that truly make the most impact.

I started coaching when I was 16 and have thankfully reached all the goals I had for myself as a Trainer. I still adore coaching, but now I also focus on other areas, such as creating workout brands that last and playing my part as an industry leader to help fellow coaches also gain success and make a real impact on the world of wellness. 

The coach education division of the Dan Roberts Group has long been a vision of mine. We are continually growing how we can help fellow coaches up-skill, build their brand, grow their business, be a better coach and enjoy greater success. We currently offer two Methodology X™ qualifications, a certification in Life Coaching and provide Mentoring. My comprehensive Business Academy for Coaches is launching in December 2021.

Our educational courses & services help ambitious coaches develop their offerings and build their business with purpose, integrity and authenticity. “

[Launching June 4th 2021]

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