MX Charity Fitness Classes to Benefit UN Women UK


The mission of the Methodology X brand is to empower girls and women everywhere through health and fitness and are proud to have inspired many of you to become more confident and more athletic versions of yourself. The truth is, however, that for every one every one of us who has the luxury to ponder about important matters every day such as what choices to make to best serve our health and well-being, there is a woman out there who has to think about urgent matters – how to stay alive or stay safe another day. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more women could wake up every day thinking about the important and not the urgent? It seems only fitting for us to get together to do the important hoping that we can help more women do the same.


Methodology X classes are fun, educational and mindful and help you tone your entire body and improve core strength. The classes will be led by Dan Roberts who designed the workout and are suitable for all fitness levels.


Tickets cost £10 and all proceeds go to the amazing UN Women UK – a super important charity fighting for women empowerment.


To save your spot, please donate here.



Fri, July 13, 4-5pm

Studio 10

Pinapple Dance Studios

7 Langley Street

Covent Garden