The Methodology X™ online experience includes 28 different daily workouts designed as a progressive fitness journey to a smarter, kinder and more holistic way of training that will stay with you for life. Due to its innovative cross-movement philosophy, you will learn elements of dance, athletics, Pilates and yoga. All you need is a mat and a gym ball.

  • Learn how to do the best body-weight exercises properly with perfect form, tempo and technique
  • Become strong without bulking up your muscles
  • Reduce hip and waist measurements
  • Get increased definition in the back of your arms, legs, shoulders and inner thighs
  • Enjoy firmer and shapelier glutes with improved glute activation
  • Get a flatter stomach with toned oblique lines
  • Gain a stronger core with reduced muscular imbalances
  • Acquire an improved posture and more energy
  • Become more coordinated, athletic and physically capable
  • Enjoy practical lifestyle and nutrition tips from working fashion models
  • Have an affordable way to enjoy Dan’ expertise in a structured, challenging and fun way – all on your mobile/tablet/laptop or smart device

MX is accessible through this website. Once purchased, you’ll be emailed details on how to set up your username and password. You can then enjoy MX via your phone, tablet, laptop or smart TV whenever you want.

All you need is a gym ball. We recommend a 55cm one if you are above 5″4, and a 45cm ball if you are under that height. A yoga mat is also advised but not necessary.

No!, Even though this workout gets lot of love and attention by the fashion industry,  you certainly do not have to strutting down a catwalk to do it.  If you are a looking for an intelligent body-weight based fitness toning regime, every woman can enjoy  the physical and mental benefits of this workout.

We offer a standard 14 day refund as per our terms & conditions.

YES! There are currently regular MX classes in UK, Australia, Italy and USA. Thanks to our Methodology X Instructor Qualification, more Methodology X group fitness classes will be launching globally throughout 2019. In addition, Dan personally holds regular London MX pop up classes and events at Whole Foods in Kensington and 42 Acres in Shoreditch. Please sign up to our newsletter for follow our @methodology_x instagram to stay in the loop.