The Dan Roberts brand was founded on the belief that we are designed to move and to learn new skills, that exercise is a form of play and that we cannot truly meet our potential without the mind and body connecting as one.

When the mind and body are in synergy, we return to our natural self, we become aligned, happy and confident and we perform at our best: Dan’s philosophy and expertise garnered from 26 years of professional coaching and a lifetime of learning and living echoes throughout every product and service we provide.

Our Founder: Dan Roberts

His career spans over 25 years and has taken him all over the globe. Within this time, he has developed a deep understanding of how the body & mind work together to make profound change. Whether Dan is coaching a competitive athlete, a model with the pressures of an unforgiving industry, an actor with a physically demanding role, or a business leader needing a radical lifestyle transformation, he has learned how to optimise results using a fun, scientific and holistic methodology. Please see Linkedin, for Dan’s full resume.

“In today’s increasingly superficial and stressful world, we must all free ourselves from the cage of comparison and chains of vanity and learn to love our body through mindful movement, play and skill-mastery. You only have one body and I want you to use it and love it. We employ a nuanced approach to fitness and well-being and are commitmented to helping others live active, happy, athletic lifestyles.”

Dan Roberts. BSc, CSCS, Dip.Phil.

Our Mission:

1: Help the world fall in love with their body more though spreading our philosophy of movement.

2: Raise the global standards of personal & group fitness instruction through our coach education and training programs.

3: Continue to innovate, collaborate and be a leading voice in the global wellness industry.