Our Fitness Philosophy

“I believe that that we are designed to move and life is better when we live athletically.

In my experience, we can’t meet our potential and live authentically until we connect our mind and body on a daily basis. When we live athletically, we lose ourselves in the play of it all, we focus on developing new skills, movement becomes pure mindfulness, and we feel this sense of connection. Looking great, increased functional performance, fewer injuries, having more vitality, better health and extreme high levels of body confidence are all wonderful side effects!

The Dan Roberts Group exists to educate, challenge and inspire others. We want you to feel connected in mind, body and spirit and experience all the joys of living a truly athletic life.

Our Founders Story

“Well, I began coaching professionally back in 1993, so it’s a long story. Buy me a beer and I’ll share the twists and turns, weird life decisions and masses of luck that got me here! What’s more interesting than how this company got to where it is today, is where we are going …”


Dan Roberts Group | Our Mission

1: Help the world fall in love with their body more though spreading our philosophy of fitness.

2: Raise the global standards of fitness coaching through our coach education programs.

3: Continue to innovate and collaborate to remain a leading voice in the global wellness industry.