We believe that life is better when you train, that we are all are designed to move, to express ourselves and to learn new skills, that exercise is a form of play and that we cannot truly meet our potential without living an athletic, mind-body connected lifestyle.

When the mind and body are in synergy and move consciously, we return to our natural self, that is to be fit, lean, capable and confident. Our expertise and global reputation as a brand grew from our founders 26 years of 1-2-1 coaching and a lifetime of learning, testing and refining his methods. Dan’s fitness, lifestyle and coaching philosophies flow through our team and through every product, course and service we provide.

Our Founder: Dan Roberts

In the years since 1993, when Dan’s coaching career began, he has developed a deep understanding of how both the body & mind work when seeking a change in looks, performance, and/or overall wellness. Whether he is coaching a competitive athlete for the world championships, a fashion model with the daily pressures of an unforgiving industry, an actor preparing for a movie, or a stressed-out business leader needing a radical lifestyle transformation – when the stakes are high, Dan always gets results.

His international experience, innovative coaching methods and eclectic expertise have earned him a global reputation as one of the world’s leading personal trainers. He established what has become the Dan Roberts Group of companies as a platform to share his methods to a wider audience.

“In today’s increasingly superficial and stressful world, we have an opportunity to free ourselves from the cage of comparison and the chains of vanity and learn to fall in love with our bodies, to move like an athlete and to have more fun through mindful movement and treating exercise as play.

The Dan Roberts Group is committed to helping others live fun, active and athletic lifestyles, and as we expand our coaching services, retreats, online experiences, educational courses and launch more fitness classes globally, we will shall maintain our standards and continue to be a brand lead by values, not profits.

Dan Roberts. BSc, CSCS, Dip.Phil.

CEO – Dan Roberts Group

Our Mission:

1: Help the world fall in love with their body more though spreading our philosophy of movement.

2: Raise the global standards of personal & group fitness instruction through our coach education and training programs.

3: Continue to innovate, collaborate and be a leading voice in the global wellness industry.