“I believe that life is better when you train, that we are all are designed to move, to express ourselves with our body and to learn new skills, that exercise is a form of play and that we cannot truly meet our potential without living an athletic, mind-body connected lifestyle.

When the mind and body are in synergy and move consciously, we return to our natural self, that is to be fit, lean, capable and confident. While our services and exact coaching methods evolve with science and experience, my fitness, lifestyle and coaching philosophy has been a constant and flow deeply through my team and through every product, course and service we provide.”

Dan Roberts Group | Our Mission

1: Help the world fall in love with their body more though spreading our philosophy of movement.

2: Raise the global standards of personal & group fitness instruction through our coach education and training programs.

3: Continue to innovate, collaborate and be a leading voice in the global wellness industry.