16 week Post-Natal Reboot

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Our 16-week Post-Natal Reboot online programme is tailor-made for you and will help you recover and rebuild your body. You will be looked after every step of the way, by one of the leading authorities in pre and post-natal care.

With an MSc in Exercise Physiology and a plethora of experience including working with Olympic athletes, Kate Faison is our pre and post-natal specialist. Her training programmes incorporate her diverse background in applied exercise science, yoga, functional training, stress management, rehabilitation, recovery and myofascial release stretching.

Please fill in this consultation questionnaire before you purchase. Kate will contact you within 24 hours of purchasing the programme.

This 16-week Post-Natal Reboot online programme integrates a mindful and scientific approach to post-natal fitness.  To help achieve optimal results, the programme includes a variety of exercises from Pilates, strength & conditioning and yoga.  Every week you will get stronger and your exercise programme will get harder. Our post-natal coach Kate will support you and design a programme that suits your needs.

Programme Details:

  • 16-week post-natal recovery programme
  • A weekly online coaching session: 1 x 75 minute or 1 x 30 minute + 1 x 45 minute online session(s) per week
  • Unlimited support via emails and texts
  • Post-natal online training demos by Kate
  • The exercise programme is tailored to the individual and progresses on a weekly basis

Programme Goals:

  • Strengthen your posture and core muscles
  • Re-energise your body versus depleting your body.  Our goal is for you to feel a post-workout energy boost from your training sessions so that you can also attend to all your mum duties.
  • Rebuild and re-activate weak post-pregnancy muscles including lower back pain management, diastasis recti, doming, C-section recovery and poor daily movement habits.