Fitness Program Design


Buy a 10-page unique fitness multi-layered training plan designed for your body and your needs by Dan Roberts. After purchase, you will be sent this questionnaire. Written programs are designed and emailed within 7 days of receipt of this. You will also get a 30-minute call after where Dan goes through your program with you. This service is ideal for professional athletes and those of you that have a very good understanding of yoir body and correct exercise technqiues.

“I will develop a bespoke 6-week workout guide suitable for your fitness levels, goals and preferences. Your guide will include 5 different programs with clear images, sets/reps, tempo of movement along information on how to have perfect form. I will also include my advice on mindest rest, sleep, wellbeing and nutrition.

Having over 25,000+ hours of experience coaching a wide range of private clients; I am confident that whatever your situation, your gym set up (home, park or commercial gym) and whatever injuries or issues you may be dealing with; I will write you a comprehensive training program scientifically designed for your needs and your body.