6 Month Body Reshape


Are you 20 to 50 pounds over your ideal weight? We can offer you a comprehensive and personal solution for excess weight gain. Our online fat loss programme focuses on Dan’s four pillars of optimal weight-loss: mindset, nutrition, exercise and general activity.  Dan will assess and scientifically improve these core lifestyle elements so you won’t just lose weight, but keep it off and learn to love your body.

The programme starts off with a personal 60-minute lifestyle assessment phone call with Dan.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are outside our excess weight criteria, you will not be eligible for our 6 Month Body Reshape Programme.  Please contact us to discuss other options.


This coaching programme is designed specifically for those carrying from 20 to 50 pounds of excess weight. For 6 months you will enjoy our supportive, structured and fad-free solutions to being overweight and unfit.

You will receive online coaching sessions from our senior personal trainers, bespoke nutrition and lifestyle advice every week and continued text and email support.

Programme Details:

  • 6 x written exercise programmes that are individually tailored and progress in difficulty on a monthly basis
  • Food diary analysis, plus x2 weekly associated challenges
  • Sleep, stress, activity and emotional health assessments. Measures to improve these will be reflected in the personalised programme
  • A 45-minute call a week and full trainer access via email and text