Dates: On Jan 6th 2023, Dan will begin an intensive 16-week body/fitness transformation for himself, and he’s looking for training partners to join him.

The Details: Daily exercise, healthy food and support from a like-minded group. In this progressive fitness and lifestyle plan: the training will include advanced strength & conditioning work, movement training, martial arts, Speed and agility training and endurance-based cardio. It will be very hard, but you’ll be dramatically stronger, leaner, more coordinated, agile and flexible by the end. Why is he doing this? Well, as some of you may know, Dan hasn’t been able to exercise for the last nine months, and he needs to get back into shape! and he wants to showcase how all participants, no matter their age, sex or fitness level, can get amazing bodies 100% naturally through hard work, intelligent training, a little bit of sacrifice and a commitment to a healthy, athletic lifestyle.


  • You’ll gain access to a private membership site inside this website
  • You won’t be meeting face-to-face, so you don’t need to be based in London/UK.
  • Dan will upload daily workout sessions on video as he does them so you can follow along.
  • There will be a Group WhatsApp chat so we can ALL stay motivated. (Optional)
  • A gym is not necessary, but you may need to invest in more gear if training at home.
  • Every Friday is accountability day. There is a process to check your nutrition, exercise and mindset.
  • Group Zoom Q&As with Dan whenever needed.(attendance not compulsory)

Costs: FREE. I’m doing this for me but figured some of you may want to come along for the ride.

Fitness requirements:  I’m looking for those who fancy a proper, tough and varied physical challenge and who are disciplined enough to stay the distance. Age, sex and your location are all thankfully irrelevant.

Social media requirements. None. You don’t have to blog or TikTok about it, as Dan is not trying to sell anything. He just figured it’ll be more fun if there were a bunch of like-minded people all doing it together. Transforming your body in 16 weeks is cool.. but what’s really rare and impressive is not telling the whole world about it!

Application process:  Dan will select like-minded people to join him on this fitness adventure. If interested, please access the application form here.


Dan and 76 others stared their training on Jan 6th. Wish them luck!