Come Join our Fitness Family!

We are excited to announce that The Detox Kitchen is welcoming Dan’s Methodology X HIIT Class to their Studio menu from February 14.  The class will be taught by our very own certified Methodology X instructor Emma Walsh.  Spaces are limited so make sure you book your slot here.

Every Tuesday Emma will lead you through this unique skill  based  HIIT  group  class which brings together elements of dance, martial arts, pilates and athletic conditioning. Steeped in the Methodology X philosophy the class is designed to be  empowering, fun and educational.

Class members can expect a personal experience more akin to a PT session which  a large exercise class cannot offer.   Attendees will also enjoy a mini meditation at the end of each session centred on positive body image and overall health and happiness. Regular attendees can create a  toned  and strong, but not bulky shape.

The  roots  of  the  class  originate  from  Methodology  X™  an  intense,  holistic,  28-day  home  workout  for  women devised by  Dan Roberts. An athletic, scientific and challenging exercise system, Methodology X is used  by  actresses, dancers and  models  to  help them get into  their ideal fitness and body shape for roles, photo-shoots and international fashion weeks.

The Detox Kitchen Studio
10 Mortimer Street

Start from February 14th
From £8: book here