Take Some Time For You…


In today’s world, most of us have busy and hectic lifestyles. This puts us under great strain physically and emotionally. Learning how to truly relax is an art that we can all benefit from. Although it feels amazing to physically relax after a long week, the mind rarely relaxes. Our minds are constantly turned on, whether it’s remembering past stories, anticipating the future or judging an experience. As soon as you begin to experience something, the mind attaches a thought to it and now, the experience has changed. By living like this, we develop habitual thought processes which take control in our lives. Experience without expectations! All it is, is an experience, nothing else.

It’s not until you try and slow down the mind, that you realize how fast it really goes. Thousands of thoughts pass through the mind every minute but just remember – you are not your mind. People are often intimidated or put off by mediation but everyone can do it! Just start by taking 5 minutes in your day to sit quietly without any distractions. Begin to practice observing your thoughts, rather than attaching to them. There’s a difference! As thoughts enter, just exhale them out and come back to a quiet place. Once you begin to practice meditation, you become more centred within yourself and more sensitive to the energy patterns in your life. This will get easier so stick with it and you’ll notice a calmer, more focused you!

If you have not explored my yoga and mediation guide within Methodology X take some time this week to have a look through and discover your inner you.

By Sarah Hunt, Yoga Instructor at The Dan Roberts Group

For those that don’t have Methodology X, you can purchase it here.