NUK SOO™ is an online 90-day Body Transformation program. This unique body-weight training system will burn fat, sculpt your muscles, teach you kick-ass moves and inspire a warrior mindset. Suitable for all genders, ages 15 to 70.

Inspired from the world of martial arts, fight conditioning and movie prep, NUK SOO™ will push you in new ways and give you dramatic results. The many practical psychological lifestyle tools included makes this more than a just a workout, but a self-improvement tool you can return to time and time again.


The NUK SOO™ is a comprehensive exercise, lifestyle and mindset transformation program that you follow online one day at time for 90 days. The body and mind are treated as one throughout this program.

Most people do the program on their phone or laptop, but NUK SOO™ is easily enjoyed on all smart devices. You will be doing 50 minutes per day of exercise 6 days a week and be exposed to new challenges constantly.

NUK SOO has been lovingly designed to radically transform your body for the better, and we cant wait for you get started. Read reviews here.

  • Burn excess fat
  • Develop a body that is lean, fit and sculpted
  • Learn how to do body-weight exercises properly with perfect form, tempo and technique
  • Learn a wide range of kick ass moves inspired from martial arts striking and self-defence skills
  • Gain a stronger core and reduce muscular imbalances
  • Acquire an improved posture
  • Improve mobility
  • Increase power without bulking up
  • Dramatically improve energy levels
  • Become more coordinated, athletic and physically capable
  • Build character, discipline and focus.
  • Learn insights and practical tools to help you live your best life
  • Enjoy Dan’s expertise in affordable way straight to your mobile or laptop

Not really! NUK SOO™ is tough, so if you have never exercised before or have major joint problems or a medical condition, then we don’t recommend trying this workout. As a minimum, you need to be able to jog without stopping for more than 10 minutes and do ten body-weight squats before signing up.

NUK SOO™ offers three levels of difficulty to suit intermediate exercisers, advanced fitness enthusiasts and competitive athletes. NUK SOO™ is very educational; each exercise is illustrated with an easy to follow animated GIF and detailed information about the benefits and tips on attaining perfect form technique. For every exercise, there are modifications, so you an do even harder or easier versions. NUK SOO™ is boredom proof! and purposely designed as a resource for life.

No fitness equipment is needed for this exercise program as we want you to take control of your body the natural way and teach you how your body is your gym. However, if you wish to practice some of the self-defence moves showcased in the fight-application bonus videos, then please use a soft floor and wear protective clothing.

NUK SOO™ has been designed to be easy to use and easy to access. When you purchase, you will have already set up your username and password. NUK SOO™ is 100% online, and access is via our LOGIN page in the menu bar.

You can enjoy NUK SOO™ via your phone, tablet, laptop or smart TV whenever you want.

Our Founder & Head Coach, Dan Roberts is the author of NUK SOO™. It is informed from his formal studies in martial arts, philosophy, exercise science, self-development and his 25 years of coaching a wide range of clients all over the world.

Over the last seven years, Dan has worked on many Hollywood action films. He is regularly hired as the Trainer for the lead Actor, to make sure they get in fantastic shape (and to teach them combat skills). NUK SOO™ is born from his desire to share the same style of training and dramatic results to a wider audience, while also providing a fun, thoughtful, and intensive 90-day workout challenge that trains the mind as well as the body.

We offer a full 14-day refund as per our terms & conditions.

Yes, you can use our payment plan of 3 monthly installments of £40 via PayPal. Please contact us to set up your first payment.