Drawing from Dan’s expertise physically preparing actors for action movies and his passions for zen living, martial arts, philosophy and self-development; NUK SOO® is a fun, exciting, varied, educational and compelling online mind and body workout program. It has been scientifically designed and rigorously tested to provide dramatic, long-lasting results.

 Transform – Get incredible results in just 90 days
 Get Fit – Become toned, lose weight and be athletic
 Learn –  Striking techniques from various martial arts
 Discover – Gain life lessons & a new warrior mindseet
Support – Receive tailored assistance from Dan Roberts
Connect –  Be accountable to fellow NUK SOO-ers

“We’ve been using the programme and have to say, it’s incredible, both in terms of the challenge and the attention to detail, there’s nothing out there that compares.”

Body Transformation Program

Get lifetime access to our NUK SOO® fitness programs. You won’t need any equipment as your body will be your gym. Throughout each 90 day cycle, you will enjoy seventeen different, hour-long ‘Warrior circuits’.  By following the plan, you will master many new exercises, learn more about your body, exercise and the world of combat and gain superior athletic, functional and aesthetic results. With three different levels of difficulty, animated GIFs, bonus videos and highly detailed explanations; this is a fitness resource for life.

Mental Development Guide

Every seven days, you’ll have a new lesson focusing on personal growth. We will coach you through the mental attitude and psychological skills needed to think like a ‘warrior’ and live your best life. Themes including; self-awareness, the power of deep focus, the art of boldness, discipline. Yin and Yang, gratitude, resilience, and patience. Mixed with a plethora of personal stories from Dan, the mental side of fitness is embraced and explored in NUK SOO®, and you will be challenged. When your mind and body work as one, magic happens!

Daily Support and Accountability

As with follow the online program, you will be placed in a small and exclusive WhatsApp customer support group for 12 months. Being in a group with fellow NUK SOO-ers will also help you stay motivated, accountable and meet like-minded people from around the globe. To maintain the personal touch, Dan answers the vast majority of his questions by live video and is always there to support and inspire you.

“I loved creating NUK SOO® It’s a mind & body development program, inspired by the world of martial arts and I am very proud of it! You’ll learn all kinds of new cool moves and ideas while getting fitter, stronger, leaner and seriously athletic. It’s going to be challenge for you, but I’m looking forward to working with you and helping you through it all.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Lose weight / Burn excess fat
  • Develop a body that is lean, fit and sculpted
  • Learn how to do body-weight exercises properly with perfect form, tempo, and technique
  • Learn a wide range of kick-ass moves inspired by martial arts striking and self-defense skills
  • Gain a stronger core and reduce muscular imbalances
  • Acquire an improved posture
  • Improve mobility
  • Increase power without bulking up
  • Dramatically improve energy levels
  • Become more coordinated, athletic and physically capable
  • Build character, discipline, and focus
  • Learn insights and practical tools to help you live your best life
  • Develop a real and lasting WARRIOR mindset
  • Enjoy coaching with Dan Roberts in an affordable way, via your mobile or laptop

Not really! NUK SOO® is tough, so if you have never exercised before or have major joint problems or a medical condition, then we don’t recommend trying this workout. As a minimum, you need to be able to jog without stopping for more than 10 minutes and do ten body-weight squats before signing up.

NUK SOO® offers three levels of difficulty to suit intermediate exercisers, advanced fitness enthusiasts and competitive athletes. NUK SOO® is very educational; each exercise is illustrated with an easy to follow animated GIF and detailed information about the benefits and tips on attaining perfect form technique. For every exercise, there are modifications, so you can do even harder or easier versions. NUK SOO® is boredom proof!  it has been designed as a life-long resource.

Upon purchase of NUK SOO®, you will be invited to join one of our NUK SOO® WhatsApp Groups to help you through your first year of the NUK SOO® experience. We run multiple groups, so there will only be only small number of fellow customers in your assigned group and Dan is always actively involved. You can ask him (and fellow customers) unlimited questions, send videos of exercises for assessment, you can talk about your diet, motivation, building a routine and generally just tap into Dan’s renowned wellness expertise.

Participation in the WhatsApp Group is not mandatory, only encouraged.

No fitness equipment is needed for this exercise program as we want you to take control of your body the natural way and teach you how your body is your gym. However, if you wish to practice some of the self-defense moves showcased in the fight-application bonus videos, then please use a soft floor and wear protective clothing.

The NUK SOO® workout is comprised of many different warrior circuits. These circuits and self-contained full body workouts, with different athletic themes, but they are all comprised of a warm-up, nine exercises, and a cool down.

The exercises are all bodyweight and are moves Dan that uses with his private clientele to maximise results in both looks and performance. They are inspired by the world of strength training, movement, athletic conditioning and martial arts.  Every exercise is explained in detail, with tempo, form, precise information on perfect technique. Every single exercise in NUK SOO®   also includes has an easier and harder version for you to try, thus making it an extremely versatile and adaptable fitness sytem. We use animated GIF’s (see below) for exercises as it allows for speedy, click-free loading when following NUK SOO® on your phone. All combat related moves also have a demo video to help you master the movement and self-defence applications.

Even better than that, you can download our NEW free five-day ‘WARRIOR CHALLENGE’. This serves as the perfect introduction to NUK SOO™. Click here to access.

Yes, of course! We can call, WhatsApp or email you. Please click here.