What the Press say

“One of Britain’s best. Roberts is a man that makes Oscar-winners and royalty sweat and his forensic knowledge of all things fitness is jaw-dropping” The Sunday Times

“Dan Roberts – the world’s greatest celebrity trainer. He’s refreshingly discreet, you’ll never see him name-drop, and you can’t help but respect the fitness empire he’s created.” Men’s Health South Africa

“A-list Trainer to the stars” Vogue 

“Britain’s leading Personal Trainer, Dan Roberts is one of the most important figures in the wellbeing industry” The Malestrom

“Dan Roberts is one of Europe’s leading Strength & Conditioning Coaches” Muscle & Performance USA

“World-renowned trainer Dan Roberts is the man behind some of the world’s hottest bodies” Heat

“Dan Roberts is a world-renowned Trainer to the A-listers” Wall Street Journal

“The Dan Roberts Group is one of the most respected and talked about fitness companies in the UK”  Psychologies Magazine 

“Dan Roberts is one of Britain’s most interesting ‘Celebrity Trainers” The Daily Telegraph

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