Virtual Personal Training with Dan 

No matter where you are in the world, Dan can help you. You can apply to work with Dan via 1-2-1 Virtual Personal Training. Please fill in the form on our Personal Training page to book your free Zoom consultation with him.

Virtual Personal Training works in the exact same way (and gets the same results) as face-to-face sessions. Coaching can be conducted anywhere, including your local gym, studio, home, hotel, park or even a beach. All you need is a phone/laptop and a Wifi signal.

NB: Dan’s online coaching fees are 25% less than face-to-face sessions.

Online Workout Programs

We offer three affordable online membership sites/workout programs to help those who want Dan’s help. Each program adheres to his athletic living philosophy while offering different styles of training and different end goals. Please read more by clicking below or ask us for advice.

Starting at £50 a month (no contract)
Starting at £50 a month (no contract)
Lifetime Access: £250