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“Here are some products I regularly recommend. To find out more, click the images; this will either send you to (we are a business affiliate) or to a specialist retailer that I trust.  Please note we are not in partnership with any individual brand or products listed below, and I do not accept submissions or PR gifts. I’m just sharing stuff I have bought and used for myself or my clients. Gyms are cool, but having options at home will help you look after your body and make it easier to live a more athletic life.”

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These two home-workout programs (available via a monthly subscription) are very popular with customers and globally respected by personal trainers and the press. Yes, these are my workouts… so you could argue I’m a little biased, but they provide world-class results in a fun, educational and inspirational way, so I’m recommending them wherever and whenever I can!

Please see what people are saying about them if you’re not already a member and if you have any questions about which product is right for you, just ask. To see all the online services, courses and products we provide, please visit OUR SHOP.

Page last updated: Aug 2021.