I’ve written this report for women who desire a lean, toned, fashion model body – much like the supermodels of the 1990’s.

When you hang out in gyms and spend time on Insta & TikTok, it’s apparent that many women in 2024 don’t desire this. A  strong-looking ‘gym body’, big booty, strong back muscles etc  – this has become the norm.

Trends will always come and go… what matters is what YOU want. You are here because you want some insight into getting a better body for yourself. Well am happy to be of service! In this article, I will share the philosophy behind my work helping female fashion models get their best body ever… while giving you five big lessons to help YOU get a leaner, fitter, stronger and more ‘supermodel’ figure.

Lesson 1 | Blame Your Parents

Let’s start with the obvious. Can everyone (without extensive surgery) get the body of a Supermodel? Well… no.. of course not. Nor is this necessarily a bad thing.

Global fashion industry standards have not caught up with the modern diverse world we live in and still largely promote the ‘ideal’ of a fashion model being young, white, tall and slim. There are many things we can say about this, none of which are positive!… but in the context of this article, I just want you to be careful with your aesthetic goals. Please make sure your ideal body is really YOUR IDEAL BODY (not societies, an algorithm, magazine editors or some random luxury brand’s marketing department). Striving towards a new aesthetic goal takes a lot of time and energy, so please do make sure that your dreams/goals/desires truly serve YOU…

How do we know if our body goals are good for us? I recommend having a long think about the process ,not just the ‘result’ of making your body goals a reality – does the process seem fun or empowering? If so, great! But if the process seems like it’ll be detrimental to your relationships, career or mental health, then I suggest a rethink of your fitness/body goals would be sensible. There’s no point putting all your energy into climbing a ladder… to get to the top and realise that you’re not only tired, sore, bruised & bleeding, and the view is way worse than you expected .. all because you’re leaning your metaphorical ladder against the wrong building. (I’m not sure this analogy works at all!… but you get my point I hope?).

We all know that focusing on trying to look like someone else is usually pretty toxic for one’s self-esteem, and I can assure working with countless objectively beautiful women over the years in my capacity as a trainer to a plethora of famous Actresses, Popstars and Models, I’ve seen first-hand how looking a certain way has very little to do with happiness, self-esteem or body-confidence.

However, the process of training for a body goal, even a predominantly aesthetic/vain one, can be very positive to our self-esteem, health, longevity and confidence when done in a mindfully holistic, strategic, playful, intelligent and athletic way. If you want to look like a supermodel and getting there requires new healthy habits, awareness, discipline, commitment, dedication and some good old-fashioned hard work.. and on top of that, you actually enjoy it…. well… that sounds good to me.

Even though your Genetics are an undeniably big factor in how you look today, you can still dramatically change how your body looks by changing your training, diet and tweaking your lifestyle. Let me share an example. Many years ago now, The Daily Mail newspaper asked me to ‘transform’ one of their journalists into a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

It took Poppy just under four months to get there. She worked damn hard, but to be fair, she was already lean to begin with. If she were a size UK 14 and hadn’t ever exercised before, it would have taken me 12 months to get her in a VS Angel kinda shape. Looking at what others have achieved can be quite inspiring as it reminds us that anything is possible with the right help and commitment.

The trick (as with all goals in life) is to be crystal clear on the outcome and be willing to make the sacrifice! For example, training really hard when no one is looking, cooking rather than ordering a takeout and doing that final rep that you don’t want to do… these are all choices that are within our power and are necessary to make dramatic changes in your fitness and body.  Click here to read the feature. (You can also check out her book “Poppy’s Secret” about the whole experience.)

I’m proud of her results and happily wrote the forward to her book… but in the same way that famous people often have their own workouts, you can try/buy and many of my fashion & entertainment industry clients have been interviewed about their secrets to their toned bodies… personally, I think you should care much less about ‘celebrity tips and inspo and and give more attention to the science of nutrition & exercise. Please do not blindly take others advice (yes, this including my own) question everthing, and take what is useful .. and discard the rest.

Lesson 2 | Train Intelligently 

The importance of Weight Training 

The first thing to note is that the young women I work with who need to get into shape quickly for fashion weeks, a campaign shoot, a movie role or upcoming auditions/castings ALL lift heavy-ass weights. Weight training is a shortcut to getting quick results, and being strong is the foundation of an athletic, fast-metabolising & well-functioning body.

The caveat is that the ‘fashion model look’ is rather specific and not in line with what most gym trainers think looks good nowadays. ‘Physique modelling’ is currently all the rage, particularly amongst fitness influencers and many female personal trainers, which is fine if you’re into that, but for fashion models and women who prefer a softer and leaner look, the popular ‘gym body’ vibe is just far too muscular and too bulky on arms, glutes, thighs, upper back and sides of shoulders. If you want an athletic, supermodel-lean look, you need to train a bit differently from how the mainstream fitness industry currently promotes.

There are many weight training exercises I use. However, there are around 10-15 moves I end up using a lot!  Below I’ve given a sample of three of them. There are also many popular exercises that I never/rarely prescribe to those who want a fashion look or are preparing for a shoot/campaign/event.

Three popular exercises I never use with Models: 

  1. Weighted Squats – as there is far too much emphasis on quads.
  2. Wide-grip Lat Pull-Downs – as it builds up the upper back and shoulders too much.
  3. Shrugs – as it builds up the neck.

Three popular exercises I only use occasionally with Models

  1. Front /walking Lunges – again, too much emphasis on quads.
  2. Abductor/adductor machine – There are far better alternatives.
  3. Tricep push down – Creates too much of a ‘horseshoe’ effect on the triceps.

My Top 3 Weight-Lifting Moves for Models


1. Romanian Dead Lifts (aka RDLs) – help to raise glutes and tone hamstrings (and strengthen lower back) without any thigh quad bulking. (Models’ hip measurements are taken lower than hip bone, so bulky/strong Quads mean you won’t fit into sample sizes and do any catwalk work. Muscular legs and glutes are the opposite of the fashion model aesthetic. I sometimes get some of my catwalk clients lifting up to 1.5x their body weight for several reps without any fear of them bulking up. FYI, Beginners (who are not clinically obese should usually aim for 1kg per 1kg of desired body weight.) I also program in a lot of unliteral (one-legged) RDL’s as this helps correct lower body muscular imbalances, improves core-stability & coordination and allows us to focus on hamstring and glute definition while not overloading the lower back.

2. Sumo Squats – firm your inner highs and shape the side of your glutes, helping the ‘sweep’ (a.k.a. a strong and round) glute look. (again, without working the front of thighs. a.k.a the quads) I want my model client to be really strong but still lean,  and the simple variation of widening the stance and turning out the feet achieves this. I tend to stick to the 8-12 rep range for this exercise, as excellent form is vital if you want to get teh most out of it.

3. Posterior Deltoid Flies – improve posture and help give the top of arms and upper back more definition without the bulk of lateral flies or popular excessive (cross-fit style) pressing exercise.  This is one of those exercises which looks easier than it is. For most of us, just 3-4kg on each side is enough. I tend to go for higher rep ranges for this, usually 4 sets of 12-15 reps, as I have found it gets superior results


Weights are great for burning fat as well as building muscles, so where does that leave cardio? Well, cardio is also good for fat burning… and your body wants/needs variety. Cardio is also fantastic for the heart and lungs and for just feeling energised! Thankfully, unlike bodybuilding and ultra endurance sports, if we aim for an athletic, toned and lean look, we do not have to make a choice between feeling fit & healthy and looking fit & healthy.

My Top 4 Cardio Activities

1. Versa-climber

2. Running / Treadmill

3. Cross Trainer 

4. Assault Bike

With cardio, I mix up interval training with LSD (long steady distance) training, and generally, I work to a 50/50 ratio. When done in the same gym session, always do the intensive interval stuff first, then LSD straight after, as it’s better for mobilising the fat out of the body – and mentally, it feels nicer too.

To achieve fashion modelly legs (be with with full-time models or clients that want to have a body like fashion models), I usually avoid too much uphill running, resisted cycling and long-distance rowing, as these are all very quad-dominant activities.

So for any exercise scientist-nerds reading this, for interval sessions, I usually blend HIIT, sub-maximal interval training, Fartlek and Tabatas (1/4, 12 and full 20-minute versions).

Rather than doing cardio just to burn calories.. use it as an opportunity to become fitter (i.e. improve your cardio-vascular capabilities) by training your aerobic and anaerobic systems. When you are fitter, you will be a better fat-burning machine.

In addition to doing the right kinds of weights and cardio (at the right intensity (FYI- that usually means very hard 80% of the time), the exercise programs I design for Fashion Models wanting amazing bodies usually include a range of movement drills taken from athletics, gymnastics/parkour, stunt-training, ballet and numerous martial arts. The key unifying factor is that no fitness equipment is needed. Using your body as a gym is psychologically satisfying, interesting, and I would also argue, inherently empowering.

Any exercise or movement is ’good’ for you in the general sense and is far better for the soul, brain and body than not moving. But if you want to achieve a long, lean, model-esque body I have four principles you should adhere to:

Principle One
Pick exercises that focus on your posterior chain development. Your posterior chain are the important muscles in the back of your body, namely the hamstrings, glutes and lower back. Working these muscles in a compound rather than isolated way is always better! They improve functional fitness, helps drop body fat and are amazing for sculpting the back of your legs and glutes.

Principle Two
Pick exercises that challenge the core. Getting strong from the inside out reduces injury and builds solid foundations for more advanced training.

Principle Three
Pick exercises that improve body awareness and athleticism. When we train mindfully and athletically, we treat our body more like an instrument than an ornament. While you want to look like a model, I want you to FEEL like a superhero with real self-confidence and zero body hang-ups.

Principle Four
Pick exercises that improve posture. Improving posture reduces headaches, the chance of back injuries down the line and gives a taller, slimmer more confident appearance. Your physiology directly affects your emotional state, so having an amazing posture can also truly help you face the day and make it your own.

Lesson 3 | Choose your Online Workouts wisely

There are so many, and they can be a lot of fun! Well-known workouts such as Zumba™, Kayla’s BBG™,  Methodology X™,  Pvolve™ Barrecore™,  Bodycombat™, Insanity™ and P90x™ – all can have benefits for women, but what’s best for you? There are many new workouts dedicated to female well-being launching every year, as well as more generic classes that focus on boxing, Pilates, ballet or yoga – so how do you know if they are any good for you and your body goals?

Give everything a try as you don’t know what you like until you try it! But the number one rule is to do your research.

Trial and error is one way of finding out, but if your time is precious, I recommend reading up about the philosophy and credentials of those who created them and seek out real customer feedback about the workout. Personally, I rarely recommend doing excessive cycling, hill sprinting, and rowing-based workouts as most of us are very quad dominant (sitting at desks and doing too many squats and lunges cause this), thus doing more quad-based work is totally nonsensical from an athletic, functional and aesthetic standpoint. (NB: I personally love cycling, running hills, and have a rowing machine at home… and don’t have massive quads. Contrary to popular belief I have found that women’s quads/thighs usually bulk up far easier than guys quads).


Methodology X™ (a.k.a MX) is an exercise system I created ten years ago that is specifically designed to achieve a long, lean model figure along with a holistic & athletic mindset. It has since had many upgrades! We now have live MX classes running in eight counties and an online solution which may be of interest, called the MX Fashion Model Workout Club, which includes detailed specialist workout regimes and coaching.

The MX club is endorsed by modelling agencies, physiotherapists and well-known celebrity trainers and is overflowing with happy members, including hundreds of full-time fashion models. It has been called ‘the bible for fashion models’ and ‘a revolutionary toning regime’ by the national press.

If you fancy an online workout program that specialises in getting you a lean, toned body, then maybe check it out! Membership costs just £50 per month and can be cancelled at any time.

Lesson 4 | Eat, Sleep, Be Kind, Repeat

The next section is about eating. They say that 80% of results are diet-driven. This isn’t 100% true for people who are already slim or already eat pretty well, but there are definite things you can eat (and avoid eating) which will improve your health, mood and results.

Here we shall look at three areas of personal wellbeing that will help to achieve and sustain a ‘model body’.

Feed Yourself

This is a huge topic, and there is a plethora of real science, knowledge and informed opinion about correct eating for public consumption online. But alas, there is also a lot of pseudo-science, uninformed opinion and technically (and unethical) poor eating advice.

These are my top tips following my experience with female clients who are on the quest to get lean, fit and ready for bikini photo-shoots and the catwalk.

1. Sit down two to three times a day and eat a natural, nutrient-dense, colourful meal. And look after your Gut.. the easiest way to do this is eat way more plants, seeds and nuts. Your immune system will thank you when you get older!

2. Don’t make a habit of snacking. ‘Healthy’ snacks are often very deceptive, e.g. gluten-free does not equate to healthy in any way (unless you are celiac), and be wary when you see the words ‘natural’ on packages. If it’s truly natural, it doesn’t need to be wrapped in cardboard!

3. Aim never to be full or hungry – feeling a bit of both throughout your week is fine, but always try to avoid extreme feelings.

4. Drink more water and less wine.

5. Create a routine and be good 85% of the time, and don’t judge yourself the other 15% of the time – this will help to create balance, reduce cravings and help you feel human!

6. Don’t miss out on food groups unless you have allergies. Pasta and dairy are not evil and cause zero problems for the vast majority of us.

7. Eat more veg. Green stuff is generally best, but the more colours on your plate, the more your micro-biome will be grateful and happy.

8. Learn how to cook. It’s empowering and valuable to know exactly what you put into your body. You will improve your relationship with eating and food generally when you learn to make it with your own bare hands.

9. Eat real food. If it has more than ten ingredients, half of which are crazy challenging to pronounce, I’d be slightly wary. Even if you don’t have allergies to them: E-numbers, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sulphites etc. can’t actually be good for us, can they?

10. When feeling bloated, make sure you are not dehydrated. Three litres a day of water/tea is a good rule for most of us. To naturally get rid of any annoying bloat, drink more Fesh lemon water & potassium-rich coconut water, eat more celery, have zero/low salt.. and avoid heavy carbs such as bread and pro-inflammatory Omega 6 foods. Oh, and one thing… when on your period, I say relax and let your body do & crave what it wants.. but when you have an imminent event/casting, and you want to look your slimmest, then prioritise fixing your posture and tweak your diet (essentially making sure there is less sodium) – this is far better than other traditional modelly ways – namely skipping your period (if on contraception) or by messing around with diuretics. Please never use these horrid pills. Along with fat-burning pills, diet teas, laxatives etc. – stuff like that ALWAYS creates way more problems than solutions AND is unnecessary.

Sleep Well

We all need different amounts of sleep at night and actually, quality is more important than quantity. To improve your quality of sleep, my advice is go to sleep happy!

This means avoiding stressful situations, arguments and all those boring yet stimulating activities like reading work emails on your phone or mindlessly scrolling through strangers’ filtered lives on Tiktok. Experiment with different tactics –  when you are training hard, I advise sleeping an extra 30 minutes a night but do whatever feels normal and right for you.

For more info, you can listen to Episode 12 of the MX podcast, where I chat with J-Lo’s Trainer, Jay Cardelio, all about Sleep and Mindset.

p.s My recommended products page on this website includes a weighted sleep blanket. If you want to sleep better, it really is a game-changer!

Be Kind

Self-improvement can become self-indulgent if we are not careful. Sometimes we can commit so much to exercise, eating healthy, dispensing with ’toxic’ friends and living our best life that we become self-obsessed and judgmental about other people’s life choices.

We are all in different places when it comes to our wellness path, spiritual development and general adulthood-ness. We should always strive not to judge. Be nice and support others so we can make the world and society more positive. No matter how ‘hot’ our bodies may get, narcissism is so ugly, and on the flipside – authentic ego-less kindness is the most attractive quality any person can possess.

We rise by lifting others

Lesson 5 | It’s All In The Mind


In this final part, I want to share the secret of why some people make (and maintain) tremendous changes and get impressive results while others do not. This secret is mindset.

The coaching company I established in 2002 (which this website showcases) has the tagline ‘Live the Athletic Life’.  Having an athletic mentality is a choice where we decide to love our bodies today while striving for them to be better tomorrow (the older I get, the more I realise that happiness and gratitude are synonymous). An athletic mentality also makes you appreciate and use your body as a vehicle of self-expression.. an instrument, not just an ornament! This is far healthier, useful, truthful and effective than reducing our identity to walking clothes hangers!

Focus on performance, not just the aesthetic results.

While we should always have easy days and hard days when it comes to exercise intensity… in my experience, most of us don’t train hard enough and are missing out on how amazing that feels! so this week, work harder than the person next to you, work harder than everyone else in the gym, and most importantly, work harder than YOU did last week. Don’t count reps; go to your max and only start counting when you want to stop, and then do five more no matter what! Don’t take too many gym selfies; concentrate on what is important, be focused, be intense and aim not just for good form but perfect form and stay focused with every single rep. This will get better results for you, and it’s more fun and better for your mental resilience.

I always remind my clients that they are athletes. They live active, healthy lives and will often be kickboxing, ‘MX-ing’, lifting heavy weights and learning new skills and generally working their butts off!

You may not feel like it right now.. but YOU are also an athlete. No matter your age, size, shape or current fitness level, you are designed to move and improve. Please celebrate this fact as you train for your goals.

If you want help with your mindset, I have something for you you may like: It’s 90 consecutive days of my daily mindset lessons straight to your inbox every day. – sign up here to receive them. It’s totally free.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this little article has given you some things to think about, and you’ll incorporate some of these exercise, nutrition and mindset ideas into your training. If you want more assistance, check my Model Fit Personal Training services – available in London and virtually via Zoom. For those on a tighter budget, my MX FASHION MODEL WORKOUT CLUB is a popular solution.

“What a brilliant programme! I have really enjoyed following Dan on Insta and knew from my friend, model and trainer Sophie Thomas, that she really rated him. Wow! It has helped in ways I wasn’t expecting. I have modelled for 19 years so there was no pressure for me to change my shape for anything and I was a toned size 8 already, but aesthetically I did see a difference. I had a lingerie show and at my great age (34) I actually felt the best I’ve ever felt. I find this to be a very comprehensive, 360 approach to fitness by a man who is extremely passionate about instilling a love for fitness with a unique approach.”

Rebecca Pearson, Model (England)

“I’ve been lucky enough to have had the experience of having PT with Dan in London and use his MX workouts, which I still use to this day. I’ve travelled a lot and worked with a lot of PT’s around the world and Dan Roberts sets the bar of exceptional in his work and as a person. I still use his MX workouts to this day, I can take them anywhere with me and I know as a model for 15 years that I don’t need to ever stress of being injured or doing the wrong exercises for my body. I’ll get an amazing challenging workout in and it’s all catered to. He’s covered every question you need to ask. You will never regret a workout and this is true if you ever experience one from Dan Roberts”

Kailah Ng, Model (Australia)

“Methodology X has been a lifesaver. Unlike most programs I have tried, Methodology X sessions are quick, effective, and can be done absolutely anywhere since there is hardly any equipment needed. There is not a program I could recommend more for other females, especially for fellow models.”

Michon Van As, Model  (Netherlands)