The Methodology X™ Online Workout

Methodology X: The Online Workout is a fun, empowering and targeted bodyweight fitness program and membership community. Accessed through this website, it is designed for female models and has become a trusted resource for international modelling agencies, aspiring fashion models, established supermodels and women around the world who like the model look and want to get real, lasting results!

The MX workout pays particular attention to reducing your hip and waist measurements, sculpting your glutes, strengthening your core, firming your inner thighs, toning your arms and defining your obliques. Following the regime will also dramatically improve your posture, coordination, fluidity of movement, general fitness and body-confidence.

The MX experience includes 28 different daily workouts designed as a progressive fitness journey to a smarter, kinder and more holistic way of training that will stay with you for life.  Due to its innovative cross-movement philosophy, you will learn elements of dance, athletics, Pilates and yoga and learn more about exercise and your amazing body.

“I created MX to be the ultimate at-home online fitness guide for fashion models. I tested it for a year with my private clients, including many models, actresses and dancers, many of which star in the actual workout.  

I’ve built the MX workout to feel just like a personal training experience, so we will embark on this fun, interesting and challenging body-sculpting journey together – I can’t wait for you to get started, get real results and join our amazing MX family!”

Dan Roberts, CSCS


Our founder, Dan Roberts is the man behind MX. Dan started coaching professionally in 1993 and is considered one of the world’s leading personal trainers. He has over 20,000 hours of 1-2-1 coaching experience and a track-record of getting impressive results with a wide range of high-profile individuals in the worlds of fashion, music, movies and professional sports.

MX is accessible through this website. Once purchased, you’ll be emailed details on how to set up your username and password. You can then enjoy MX via your phone, tablet, laptop or smart TV whenever you want.

  • Learn how to do body-weight exercises properly with perfect form, tempo and technique
  • Become strong without bulking up your muscles
  • Reduce hip and waist measurements
  • Get increased definition in the back of your arms, legs, shoulders and inner thighs
  • Enjoy firmer and shapelier glutes with improved glute activation
  • Get a flatter stomach with toned oblique lines
  • Gain a stronger core with reduced muscular imbalances
  • Acquire an improved posture and more energy
  • Become more coordinated, athletic and physically capable
  • Enjoy practical lifestyle and nutrition tips from working fashion models
  • Have an affordable way to enjoy Dan’ expertise in a structured, challenging and fun way – all on your mobile device.

Even though MX is often cited as the leading online workout for fashion models, you don’t have to work as a full-time model or be strutting down a catwalk. If you are a woman looking for an intelligent fitness training regime, you will fully enjoy all the physical and mental benefits of this workout and the solid lifestyle and fitness advice that comes with it.

All you need is a gym ball. We recommend a 55cm one if you are above 5″4, and a 45cm ball if you are under that height. A yoga mat is also advised if you have wooden floors.

The MX Pro Account gives you full access to Methodology X. In addition, you will receive two 20 minute coaching calls with Dan (which you can book online at convenient times for you) and receive one of our new MX Tees. After purchase, please just click on the Pro Account access button and all will be explained.

If you choose to buy the standard MX package, you can upgrade to a Pro Account at a later date for £120.

Dan offers bespoke 1-2-1 MX masterclasses in London. One such masterclass lasts 2 hours and costs £300.  In addition, our growing network of certified MX instructors also teach Methodology X on a personal training basis.

Due to our new Methodology X Instructor Qualification, Methodology X group fitness classes will be popping up all over the world throughout 2018. In addition, we also hold regular MX events at Whole Foods in London.

Methodology X Product | Dan Roberts Group


  • Access to the first 4 days of MX


  • LIFETIME access to MX
  • BONUS materials
  • CUSTOMER-ONLY Facebook group


  • LIFETIME access to MX
  • BONUS materials
  • CUSTOMER-ONLY Facebook group
  • ONE MX T-shirt
  • TWO coaching calls with Dan