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Methodology X® is an immersive online fitness plan for women with live coaching from Dan Roberts. Created for female fashionistas, it is often cited as ‘the fitness bible’ for models. The workout is championed by modelling agencies around the world, as well as thousands of active women who love MX’s empowering ethos and results.

 Get Lean – Reduce your hip & waist measurements
 Sculpt – Target glutes, inner thighs, obliques & arms
 Strengthen – Develop your core, posture & coordination
 Learn – Master the best bodyweight exercises for women
 Transform – Attain a new level of body confidence
 Be Supported – Enjoy tailored support direct from Dan

The Online Workout

Get lifetime access to our Methodology X® online plan. All you need is a gym ball and a smile as you follow exercises inspired by Pilates, ballet, athletics and yoga.  Every day is a different challenge making Methodology X® a real journey of discovery. Packed with educational insights on female-specific training, and an empowering body positive message. Methodology X® is more than a workout; it’s a lifestyle.

Daily Support, Mentoring & Accountability

You will be placed in a small and exclusive WhatsApp group with for 30 days. Have your questions answered and your form critiqued by one of the world’s leading authorities in female fitness and body transformations. You will also meet fellow MX-ers is a supportive, safe and friendly environment.

An Immersive Virtual Coaching Experience

Methodology X® is experienced through an innovative style of coaching. You will enjoy the benefits of having a world-class personal trainer with the portability, convenience, and affordability of an online coaching program. We have found this hybrid way of coaching is the best way of making the experience fun whilst giving you quick, targeted results.

ONLY £6.50 per week*

*Lifetime access for £338 or flexible payment plans available for up to 52 weeks.

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The story of Methodology X® by Dan Roberts

My fitness career started back in 1993 as a sports coach. Soon after, around 20 years ago, I became a Strength and Conditioning coach for full-time, semi-pro and professional athletes. This I did for many years. My career has since taken many exotic twists and random turns. For example, ten years ago, I found myself living and working in Rio de Janeiro as a Fashion model Trainer. The experience did more than just help my tan, I had not actually trained any models before, and it taught me valuable lessons about working with lean women, how standards of beauty differ in different cultures, I began to learn about the fashion industry and most crucially, how to utilise my expertise with athletes to sculpt women quickly, precisely and safely.


I became somewhat of a specialist in helping female swimwear and lingerie models get ‘perfect’ bodies. When I got back to London, a leading British modelling agency asked me to write a fitness handout for their models. They wanted a workout routine that was suited specifically for the female form. In other words, it would be a program specifically designed to improve posture, reduce thigh and waist measurements, and build strength and fitness for their models without bulking them up.

The little printed guide, in essence, was the first draft of what has become the Methodology X® online workout. In the years that followed, Methodology X expanded. It soon became a 200-page ebook, and over the years I just kept on developing and improving it. Since 2018 it’s an online membership site and morphed into a real educational fitness journey for our MX-ers around the world. It’s not only become the ‘go-to’ fashion industry resource for models but a workout system useful for ALL women who want to achieve the long and lean aesthetic in a fun, varied and structured workout.

Methodology X® emerged out of my insights and 25+ years of experience of coaching. You will find this program a bit more in-depth than you may expect. Part of my philosophy as a trainer is to help my clients (and hopefully now you as well), to understand the actual science behind fitness and exercise. This makes Methodology X® a resource for life and not just a 28-day workout, as you’ll find yourself returning to it over and over again.

Life is short, and too many of us waste time and emotions, not feeling like we are good enough. I’ve designed Methodology X to help you quickly gain a more positive relationship with your body as well. You will become functionally stronger, more physically capable, better coordinated, fitter, athletic, and more body aware. You will see your body as an instrument, rather than just an ornament. Getting aesthetic results quickly and safely is important, but doing it in a way that builds self-esteem and body-confidence is precisely what MX is all about.

I have designed the workout to be fun, varied, and mentally stimulating. It features my friends, models, dancers and actresses in the videos & exercise pictures and provides the same lifestyle advice I share with my private clients in London.

I hope you’ll enjoy Methodology X® as much as I enjoyed writing it. And remember that for the first 30 days, you have full access to my bespoke advice and accountability from fellow customers in one of our curated MX WhatsApp support groups. I’ve tried to make it as affordable as possible; at a total lifetime access fee of £199, it is is less than the price of a single one-hour training session with me in London. If you’re still not sure you can read recent reviews, try an MX class, follow the Methodology X® brand on Instagram or contact customer service. Hopefully, see you soon!

Methodology X® requires just a gym ball and a yoga mat. You will learn a variety of pilates, yoga, dance, and strength training moves, along with new movements that Dan invented to get precise results for his fashion model clients. Exercises include Unilateral hip thrusts, ITP press ups, the Bond Girl, Core Blaster, The Bikini Shaper, Bulgarian Split Squats, Sao Paulo Kicks, Cape Town Spins, Le Swoosh, Penche, Superwoman, Roll Tucks, One legged Burpees and The Killer. NB: There are no classical squats in Methodology X® as we find they bulk the legs up too much.

Methodology X® is also an award-winning group exercise class. Currently available in USA, UK, ITALY, SOUTH AFRICA and AUSTRALIA. To study our nationally accredited MX Instructor qualification and join our small yet growing family of coaches, please click here.