As recommended by

Tatler, Vogue, Elle & The Sunday Times

“A revolutionary toning regime” 
As recommended by
Tatler, Vogue, Elle & The Sunday Times


Do you need a lean, toned and svelte figure?


Do you also want to be stronger, fitter, more coordinated and athletic?

The award-winning Methodologyy X™ exercise system marries pilates, athletics, ballet, yoga and mindfulness to give you precise toning results, strength without bulk, movement mastery and will make you sweat with a smile!  Our MX Club is 100% online and currently has 1000’s of happy members feeling great about their body. Let’s see if it’s right for you too?….

As a member, you will get full access to our two comprehensive Methodology X workout programs; MX Urban and MX Sahara. Each program takes you on a fun a step-by-step journey to a fit, toned, lean, athletic figure. Based on the exercises and training protocols Dan uses on his fashion industry clientele, you will quickly get fit, lean and precisely toned.

You will be exposed to new moves, a new mindset and will be supported every step of the way. As a member, you will be also gain access to ‘MX Lifestyle’ and enjoy all our new workout challenges, exclusive articles, tips and videos.

Accountability and support are vital when committing to a fitness and body sculpting journey, so you will also be invited to one of Dan’s MX WhatsApp support groups. These are small groups overseen by Dan to help maximise your Methodology X experience.

You can be lean, athletic and powerful AND have a great relationship with food, exercise and your body. 

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Q: Is this a download?

A: No. The club is an online membership site. It is designed to be accessed by any WIFI/4G/5G device, such as a phone, tablet, laptop or smart TV. To log in, visit this website and click on the LOGIN button on the menu.

For those who want to use MX in low/bad wifi areas or no phone signal, you can get apps that will download the content into your phone. Please see the LOGIN page for more info on these. 


Q: Is this primarily a weight loss program 

A: While people lose weight doing MX, it is primarily a toning, sculpting, and fitness regime for women already training. MX focuses on improving hip measurements and muscle tone rather than actual weight. Also, due to the dynamic & bodyweight nature of the many MX exercises, it will put too much stress on your joints if you are very overweight.

To lose a lot of weight, it is best to start by focusing on building healthy eating habits, lifestyle and general activity. If you are more than 10kg overweight, MX is not the best option for you. If you are up to 20kg overweight, please see NUK SOO and any heavier than that; please contact us for more tailored advice.


Q: Is the MX program only for Models?

A: No. It is very popular amongst fashion models as it’s rare to have such a niche workout designed for their needs. However, you don’t have to model to enjoy being a club member. In fact, you don’t have to a woman either. Fitness is for everyone! That being said… there is a very clear philosophy and methodology behind MX, so the more you like the lean, athletic, 90’s female supermodel look, the more you will enjoy the changes that will happen to your body.


Trigger Warning

If you find the look of slender girls triggering in any way, then MX will NOT be good for you. The cast were all private clients of ours and the vast majority are fashion models, actresses and dancers, so by the nature of their genetics and bias/culture of these industries, they all tend to be quite slim (and young and mostly white). If you feel this puts you in a bad place mentally, then please do not buy MX. Your mental health is more important than anything. MX is not supposed to be for everyone and we truly hope you don’t feel offended or sad if it is indeed not right for you.


Q: What are your terms & conditions.

A: Our full terms, conditions & refund policy can be read here. For monthly subscribers to the MX club, we have NO minimum contact. You can easily cancel with just a couple of clicks, and your memberships will then expire the night before your next billing cycle. 

MX requires three pieces of fitness equipment. A 55cm Gym Ball, Gliders and a Yoga Mat. Click below for Amazon UK links.


For a more bespoke experience.

Platinum membership costs £1000 per month and includes:

  • Membership to the club
  • Private Support Group with Dan (using WhatsApp or Signal)
  • 4  x 70-minute Personal Training sessions (via Zoom)
  • Monthly Nutrition or Lifestyle coaching session (via Zoom)

Before purchase, please first book in a free zoom/phone consultation with Dan.

We offer a Model Agency/Corporate licence for £5000 per annum. This includes.

  1. 25 licences of annual Memberships
  2. Private WhatsApp group for Agency
  3. 4 x 90 minute Live Virtual Masterclasses for Talent (Nutrition, Posture, Confidence… or tailor-made)
  4. Free 30 minute phone consult per user with one of our trainers