Methodology X is a transformative workout system for women that combines elements of Pilates, yoga, athletics, ballet, commercial dance and strength training.

Get ready for a holistically athletic journey that will make you smile, sweat and fall in love with your body.


Filmed in East London, and featuring models, dancers & actresses demonstrating the moves, MX URBAN is an educational 28 day, progressive exercise program for women. Using your body and a Swiss Ball, it gives you a lean, firm and fit body that is high-fashion ready.


Filmed in Morocco, MX SAHARA builds on the skills you acquired in MX URBAN and provides an advanced fitness challenge using your body and gliding disks. This intensive 30 day program gives precise sculpting results while helping you live a more athletic & mindful life.


Members of our MX Online Members club also gain access to our new MX video workouts, a post-workout guided meditation by the Yogi Sarah Hunt, and exclusive articles on Nutrition, Beauty, Yoga, Lifestyle and Modelling tips written by fellow MX-ers who are experts in their field.


Entry into one of our exclusive WhatsApp MX Support groups moderated by Dan Roberts. Have all your questions answered and technique assessed by one of the world’s leading authorities in fitness and meet fellow MX-ers in a safe, fun and supportive environment.

The Methodology X™ online club is a membership site; once purchased, you gain unlimited life-time access to both workout programs, the many bonus features and a WhatsApp support group.

Lifetime Membership is £350

(monthly payment plans also available)


“Loving your body and embracing your natural athletic self is at the very heart of the Methodology X® philosophy. As you will soon see, this is more than a fitness routine, it’s an empowering athletic journey. I cannot wait to welcome you the MX family where can discover new skills, master mindful movement and hopefully have a load of fun in the process.

get lean – reduce your hip & waist measurements
develop – improve muscle tone & correct imbalances
sculpt – target glutes, inner thighs, obliques & arms
strengthen – improve your core, posture & coordination
learn –  master optimal form for every MX movement
love your body – reach a new level of body confidence
support – enjoy support directly from Dan and fellow MX-ers

Upon purchase gain life-time access to both workouts, all the bonus materials and a WhatsApp support group.

Lifetime Membership is £350

(monthly payment plans also available)