Train like a Supermodel and finally get the lean, fit & athletic body you always wanted!

The award-winning Methodology X™ exercise system marries strength training, movement training, pilates, athletics, ballet, yoga and mindfulness to give you reduced hip measurements, a toned and lean body and all-over strength without any bulk.

Join fellow exercise enthusiasts (including 100’s of full-time fashion models) who rely on the MX online workout club for their lean and toned bodies. Join MX today for a unique, scientific, methodological and seriously fun training regime – created with love by the “A-list Celebrity Trainer” Dan Roberts.

Train like a Supermodel and finally get the lean, fit & athletic body you always wanted!

The award-winning Methodology X™ exercise system marries strength training, movement training, pilates, athletics, ballet, yoga and mindfulness to give you reduced hip measurements, a toned and lean body and all-over strength without any bulk.

Join 2,000+ other women from 65 countries (including 100’s of full-time fashion models) who rely on the MX online workout club for their lean and toned bodies. Join MX today for a unique, scientific, methodological and seriously fun training regime – created with love by the “A-list Celebrity Trainer” Dan Roberts.

“I’ve worked with Dan for years, and he’s by far the best Trainer I’ve ever had. I strongly advise fellow models within the industry to use this programme… “

Suki Waterhouse – Actress/Model @SukiWaterhouse

When you join the MX Fashion Model Workout Club, you will get full access to a growing set of comprehensive Methodology X workout programs created by Dan Roberts; MX Urban and MX Sahara, which are designed to be done as home workouts as they require minimal equipment and the new MX Sculpt (launching summer 2024) which is a gym based plan. Each MX program takes you on a challenging step-by-step journey to a fit, lean and toned figure.  You will also get fitter and learn how to truly exercise safely and effectively – thus giving you skills for life!

These online programs were created to replicate 1-2-1 personal training with Dan. You will quickly see visible changes to your body as you learn to train mindfully, think holistically and begin to unleash your inner athlete. We also offer three different membership levels to our MX Fashion Model Workout Club, starting at just £50 a month and a multi-license option for Modeling agencies.

Please note. Even though the fashion press has called this workout ‘the workout bible for models’,  you do not need to be a working model to enjoy the benefits. It’s also designed to adapt to varying fitness levels and thus suits all ages and abilities.

What a brilliant programme! I have really enjoyed following Dan on Insta and knew from my friend, model and trainer Sophie Thomas, that she really rated him. Wow! It has helped in ways I wasn’t expecting. I have modelled for 19 years, so there was no pressure for me to change my shape for anything, and I was a toned size 8 already, but aesthetically I did see a difference. I had a lingerie show, and at my great age (34), I actually felt the best I’ve ever felt. I find this to be a very comprehensive, 360 approach to fitness by a man who is extremely passionate about instilling a love for fitness with a unique approach.”

Rebecca Pearson – Model @1rebeccapearson

“Methodology X has been a lifesaver. Unlike most programs I have tried, Methodology X sessions are quick, effective, and can be done absolutely anywhere since there is hardly any equipment needed. There is not a program I could recommend more for other females, especially for fellow models.”

Michon Van As – Model @michonvanas

“I’ve been lucky enough to have had the experience of having PT with Dan in London and use his MX workouts, which I still use to this day. I’ve traveled a lot and worked with a lot of PT’s around the world and Dan Roberts sets the bar of exceptional in his work and as a person. I still use his MX workouts to this day, I can take them anywhere with me and I know as a model for 15 years that I don’t need to ever stress of being injured or doing the wrong exercises for my body. I’ll get an amazing challenging workout in and it’s all catered too. He’s covered every question you need to ask. You will never regret a workout and this is true if you ever experience one from Dan Roberts.”

Kailah Ng – Model

“I’m a runway model, and this completely changed my fitness game. Saw visible results for the first time working out ever! Will keep re-doing these programmes forever. They are an awesome, consistent foundation for my fitness routine. Also, includes some really great mindset and nutrition tidbits that I didn’t expect but 100% helped with making fitness a lifestyle for me, rather than just a workout I do once a day. Would recommend it to anyone and everyone!”

Dasha Angelova – Model @DashaAngelova

“Methodology X is perfect for someone like me for a number of reasons. Rather than just being a fist-pumping and sweaty workout, there is a lot of core and balance work designed to make us understand and control our own bodies. This workout stands out from anything else. I hope to continue being a MethodX-er!”



Tijana Tamburic – Model @tijana

“I loved this program; the instruction, videos, encouragement and support group were all very inspiring. I needed something to work on in my own time at home without the need for equipment to tone rather than build muscle. Dan is refreshingly down to earth, and whatever your question is, he gives considered informed answers. We could always check our technique by sending Dan videos so you do feel very connected to the program. I actually looked forward to doing exercises every day and felt stronger quite quickly and at the same time, I know I can do so much more with it. Dan also brings lifestyle themes into the course and makes you think about the way you live your life whilst at the same time pushing you in a positive way.”

Louise Streets – Property Consultant @louisestreetspropertyfinder

“I’m very impressed with this programme. I have learned so much about so many different exercises and especially how to work every exact muscle. Methodology X is an amazing programme… you can do at home or when you travel. Thank you, Dan. You’re the best Personal Trainer ever!”

Jana Perez – Actress/Model @JanaPerezOfficial

“I was searching the web for workouts that would work without building bulk and an article about the workout that the Victoria’s Secret Models use, and of course. Methodology X came up. Now, my body looks way better without clothes; I have more stamina and strength and now my clothes fit correctly. Everyone needs to know that this workout absolutely works for people over 40!”

Wednesday Woods – Equestrian

“MX is a workout that challenges boundaries in both the mental and physical space. The program leads you into becoming a well-toned, healthy, happy, you. It doesn’t bully you into it like most courses can leaving you feeling lost or not bothered to come back for more. Methodology X is addictive and supportive. It stimulates the mind as it helps grow your confidence that the method just becomes a piece of your life. You can travel and never miss a session, oh and not to mention but your body becomes an art piece! Highly recommend. Changed my life forever.”

Charlotte Carroll – Actress/Producer @charlotteccaroll

1. MX World

Fitness challenges, fitness tutorials, exclusive content from the MX Podcast and exclusive nutrition, modelling and wellness articles. New content is added to MX World regularly, which helps keep your experience fresh, fun and exciting. To add to the community spirit, members request the vast majority of new content, so if you want a bonus upper body workout with kettlebells or another video on posture… once you’re inside the club, just ask!”

2. Ongoing Support

Every new member gets priority support in Dan’s Fitness Hub. The Fitness Hub is our community App which promotes relationships and for members to hold each other accountable and discuss training. Being in a supportive community and having access to Dan is a massive bonus to the MX experience, and we recommend you take full advantage! Please note: Platinum Members also get access to regular chat support with Dan.


1. MX World

This is a new feature to the MX club where Dan adds in video fitness challenges, exclusive content from the MX Podcast and exclusive articles on nutrition, modelling, wellness and more. New content is added to MX Lifestyle every week, which helps keep your experience fresh, fun and exciting. To add to the community spirit, the vast majority of new content is requested by members, so if you want a bonus upper body workout with kettlebells or another video on posture… once you’re inside the club, just ask.”

2. Ongoing Support

Every new member gets priority support in Dan’s Fitness Hub. The Fitness Hub is our community App which promotes relationships and for members to hold each other accountable and discuss training. Being in a supportive community and having access to Dan is a massive bonus to the MX experience, and we recommend you take full advantage! Please note: Platinum Members also get access to regular chat support with Dan.

Membership starts at just £50 | No-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee

“I started with the Kayla Itsines online Workout. In the beginning, I saw quick results, but at a certain point, I realized that it’s no longer getting me in the right direction, so I decided to try Methodology X. I really felt better and stronger quickly! It’s such a great routine; I would recommend this workout to every model.”

Nadine Von Flue – Model @n_vonfluee

“I’m relatively new to the whole fitness thing, so for me, Methodology X was the best introduction to it. It’s easy to follow, and it covers a broad range of different exercises keeping it interesting and challenging. By the end of it, I felt and saw a real significant difference. I’d highly recommend it to anyone.”

Georgina Bevan – Actress/Model @georginabevan

“I am not only pleased with the results, but the amount of confidence I have gained has transformed my life. I am stronger, leaner and full of energy. I never thought my goal would be finally attainable. With Methodology X, it is!”

Elaine Leon – Fashion Illustrator (@byelaineleon)

“Methodology X has changed my life by changing my complete outlook. It’s strengthened me both physically and mentally as well as completely turning my lifestyle around. Everyone should love the skin they’re in and adopt a healthy lifestyle and the Method is the perfect catalyst for that, thank you.”

Gemma Grabham – Student @gemmalouisegrabham

“Methodology X is the first workout I’ve done that has made a noticeable difference to my body tone and shape. I am not a gym bunny, but consistently using Methodology X 3 to 4 times a week does make a difference! My arms and legs are noticeably more defined. My “saddlebags” have significantly reduced, I am also much slimmer overall.”

Alexander Lee – HR Manager

“I have finally found a fitness program in MX that compliments my mesomorphic body type. It took me 45 years to finally figure out that you can actually overwork your body, which works against a lean and toned look for my legs. My upper body always looked amazing while my thighs always felt a bit too bulky (wrong exercises)!! Thank you, as I finally LOVE my legs and never thought that would happen!! Dan Roberts has tailored the program to train the right muscles in the right way. Thank you Dan!!

Michon Combs – Interior Designer @mcdesign74

If you struggle with sculpting your body and you need a program that you can trust, be sure that all you’ll achieve is a leaner, stronger body – MX is your answer. Dan did an amazing job, I’ve done both MX Urban and MX Sahara, and it allowed me to make progress with exercises that I was avoiding (because I’ve seen too much on the Internet), elevate my endurance, and lift up my energy levels during the day. I’m really glad I’ve discovered MX Methodology, as it allowed me to finally push through the plateau with my measurements (which in my case, are my personal goals, but if you’re a model, it’s even more important). Thanks to MX I am stronger, my legs are leaner, my ABS are visible even more, I’ve learned new exercises, changed a lot in my mindset! I’ve been working out for almost 4 months with Dan’s program and changes are really satisfying in both the body and the mind. You just need to experience this value yourself.”

Anna Czerny – Fashion Photographer @AnnCzerny 

“Training is going pretty great! For real, never before have I felt so powerful and athletic as I now feel since starting MX. I’ve gone from MX Urban to MX Sahara. MX Sahara is so much fun and easy to keep up with, even while travelling. The Arabesque is my absolute favourite. Part of the reward loop that keeps me going is that, interestingly, the physical strength and discipline I’ve built from this daily practice seem to translate into a sense of firmness and confidence in my professional life.”

Lily Lin 

“I hated that it was so hard, but now I love it! I have become more strong and defined, I’ve already lost 3cm around my thighs! And my measurements are now perfect. I really loved the Core Blaster it worked like a charm and the New York was my favourite circuit, super challenging but awesome! I give Methodology X 10 out of 10.”

Bianca Raubenheimer – Model @biana_95

“MX is a hard training programme with great results. As you read it you feel motivated as if a trainer is there pushing you and the instructions are split with great one-liners!. This is what makes it so amazing; it’s a fun, inspirational and educational read as well as getting the results you want in such a short space of time.”

Christina Modestou – Actress/Singer @cdmidestou

“I love Methodology X. It is a completely different type of training to what I’m used to, it’s really forced me to get in tune with my body, my breathing and really focus on how I’m exercising. I love the fact I can get a fantastic workout even when I’m working away and can’t get to the gym. Highly Recommended.”

Luissa Burton – Model/Activist @offocialgreenqueen

“I felt like a panther! I have always been into fitness and somewhat athletic, but at a time when I felt a little stuck on the border (pre-fashion week also) what happened was way beyond my expectations… this is all you need. It’s like a booty boot camp at your fingertips!”

Steph Carta – Model @shotbycarta

“Methodology X is just that, a systematic analysis of performing an applied field of study, this one being fitness/wellness. After using MX, it’s amazing how your body improves each day, getting stronger and more agile. The days definitely get more creative and harder, challenging not only your body but your mind as well. Your body rises to the challenge and surprises you the most with what it can do. You never leave a session dissatisfied, frustrated or exhausted – more refreshed, empowered and ready for the next day! Give it a go – you will not be disappointed!!”

Amanda Fimiani – Model/Entrepeneur @amandaxroa

“I love the combination of boxing, yoga, pilates and strength training. My thighs are now smaller, much more toned and my balance, fitness and core strength have gone up. I’ve tried Kayla Instes and Tracey Anderson Method, and this is the very first workout that suits me 100%.”

Nirenda Enrika – Model @nirenda

“I didn’t think I was new to exercising when I started Methodology X, having spent years training with a PT at a gym. Methodology X is based on a very different mentality to the usual gym/ body sculpting mentality though. The exercises are not just effective, they are beautiful. They help you develop your body more beautifully and femininely, with, in my experience, more stable results. I have definitely incorporated Methodology X and the MX style of training in my exercise routine for life. Thank you Dan Roberts Group! Xx. “

Gabriela Coombs – Nutritionist @gabymrezende

“For years, I’ve been looking for a program that is challenging and will leave me feeling strong, long, and lean versus bulky and inflamed. Dan’s platform offers a challenging yet realistic approach to fitness, lifestyle, and mindset. It’s easy from home and on the road and his accessibility while being a world-class trainer is honestly admirable. Best workout I’ve done in ages.”

Vidya Hawkings – Neurologist

“I would recommend Methodology X to anyone, especially models. It’s challenging and forces you to push your limits while still being fun and getting the results you want. Be warned, it’s not always easy, but it’s always enjoyable and worth it.”

Kennedy Motano – Model @kennedymotano

“Methodology X is the perfect workout for models. The workouts are different everyday day which makes it exciting and fun as there is always something new. I will forever be trying to perfect those São Paulo kicks! I highly recommend Methodology X. You’ll love it.”

Helena Mckelvie – Model @helenamckelvie

“This programme has helped me get in shape for a couple of international pageants and pushed me to be fitter generally. Also, the support you get is amazing from other people doing it and the people behind it! Thanks”

Charlotte Brooke – Miss England @misscharlottebrooke

As an inspiring Model, I feel completely safe being in the hands of methodology X, after a couple of days I could see visible results. 

Violeta Hristov – Student @villyhristov

“It is way more fun and satisfying than I expected! Methodology X has got variations, it’s definitely not easy but not unbearable either. I noticed I made much more visible progress than some of the ‘hard-to-keep-up’ workouts I’ve done in the past. I give Methodology X 10 out of 10.”

Marli Hofman – Model/Personal Trainer @marlihofman

I came across Mx Urban after searching for a workout program that would help me tone up without creating bulk. The program increased with difficulty throughout the weeks and was definitely challenging. I saw results not only in my physique but also in my mental attitude as it pushed my boundaries on what l thought l could achieve. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a way to stay motivated and disciplined. The moves require nothing more than your body weight and a fitness ball but don’t be fooled some of them are super difficult but extremely effective.

Renee Griffith 

“What sets Methodology X apart is honesty. The workout makes you push boundaries with your body. The trainers are very prompt in addressing my concerns with exercises. Also, we fellow ‘MethodX-ers’ constantly motivate each other. I strongly recommend this to women keen on challenging their bodies.”

Dr Ahalya Kariappa – Physician

So if you don’t want to miss out on the fun…we provide three membership options. We don’t believe in tying our customers to contracts, so you can sign up as a monthly subscriber and cancel anytime. We also offer a yearly option if you want to commit to the training and get three months free. For more bespoke care, we also provide a platinum membership, which includes weekly Personal Training sessions via Zoom and a monthly nutritional coaching workshop.

All memberships include full access to three comprehensive workout guides, MX Urban, MX Sahara, and MX Scupt (along with access to our bonus resources section, a.k.a MX World). All updates, new programs and improvements inside the club are included for free, as is ongoing motivation and support via Dan’s Fitness Hub. We have tried to make the MX club fantastic value by providing you with a fun experience that feels like high-end Personal Training and results that are specific, REAL and lasting.

“Dan has produced a program that not only achieves its goal of long, lean musculature but is beneficial for your core & posture. Meaning it won’t just make you look good, but by balancing & retraining the posterior chain neuromuscular firing, you will sequence movements correctly & reduce stresses on your body.”

Emma Teather, Physiotherapist @appiehealthgroup

‘Dan is one of the leading trainers & MX is one of his proven formulas designed to get results in a short time. Working with different muscle groups in a consistent, progressive manner you will get results. Combined with awareness & mindfulness, the training can be done anywhere & has comprehensive videos. I highly recommend MX.”

Kim Ingleby – Celebrity Trainer & Performance Coach @kimingleby

“Dan has developed a fitness program for the Fashion industry but it’s actually perfect for every working woman who doesn’t have hours to put into their routine! It’s tough but laser-focused and the best part about it, is Dan! He’s fun, real and is only concerned with you being the best you can be; lean, healthy and beautiful! Thank you Dan!”

Paleta™ @eatpaleta

“I’m impressed. Methodology X is a great product. I’ve reviewed it, and I really like what I see. Dan has created an intelligently designed yet easy-to-follow program that makes it easier for girls to continue to see results.”

Ben Bruno, Celebrity Trainer – Los Angeles @benbrunotraining

“Dan’s MX guide is one of the best I have ever seen. The attention given to core development and bio-mechanically correct functional movement patterns makes this an excellent guide for everybody, no matter what age, sex or profession. Highly recommended.”

Gary Trainer – “World’s Best Back Doctor” Sunday Times @garytrainerclinic


Q: Is this a download?

A: No. The club is an online membership site. It is designed to be accessed by any WIFI/4G/5G device, such as a phone, tablet, laptop or smart TV. To log in, visit this website and click on the LOGIN button on the menu.

For those who want to use MX in low/bad wifi areas or with no phone signal, you can get apps that will download the content into your phone. Please see the LOGIN page for more info on these. 


Q: Is this primarily a weight loss program 

A: While people lose weight doing MX, it is primarily a toning, sculpting, and fitness regime for women already training. MX focuses on improving hip measurements and muscle tone rather than the actual weight. Also, due to the dynamic nature of the many MX exercises, it will put too much stress on your joints if you are very overweight.

To lose a lot of weight, it is best to start by focusing on building healthy eating habits, lifestyle and general activity. If you are more than 15kg overweight, MX is not the best option for you. Please watch this video (MX podcast series, Ep10), where Dan shares his tips and insights on how to get sustained, healthy and effective weight loss.


Q: Is the MX Fashion Model Workout Club program only for Models?

A: while Methodology X (MX) is often cited as the leading workout for fashion models and teh name not so subtly suggests who are audience is! – you definitely don’t have to be a working model to enjoy being a club member and derive all the benefits. In fact, you don’t even have to be a woman either. Fitness is for everyone! That being said… there is a very clear philosophy and methodology behind MX, so the more you like the lean, athletic, 90’s female supermodel look, the more you will enjoy the changes that will happen to your body.


Trigger Warning

If you find the look of slender young women triggering in any way, then MX will NOT be good for you. The cast were all private clients of Dan’s, and the vast majority were/are fashion models, actresses and dancers, so by the nature of their genetics and bias/culture of these industries and the bubble we operate in, they all tend to be quite slim (and young and mostly white). We believe using Dan’s real clients was more authentic than forcing a more diverse look – which would be pure tokenism. However, If our marketing/communication/existence triggers you, offends you and mentally puts you in a bad place, we suggest you not join the MX Club. Feel free to reach out and we can advise.


Q: What are your terms & conditions.

A: Our full terms, conditions & refund policy can be read here. For monthly subscribers to the MX club, we have NO minimum contact. You can easily cancel with just a couple of clicks, and your memberships will then expire the night before your next billing cycle. 

MX Urban: A 55cm Gym Ball and a Yoga Mat.

MX Sahara: 2 x Gliding Disks (Gliders) & Yoga Mat.

MS Sculpt: Dumbells, Barbells, Kettlebells, Bench, TRX, Back Hyperextension, Plyo Box, Dip/Pull Up Station, TRX, Rowing machine, Spin/Assault Bike & Treadmill

MX World: Varies: The bonus Exercise challenges are primarily for home, but there is gym-based stuff too

For a more bespoke experience.

Platinum membership costs £1000 per month and includes:

  • Full Membership in the club
  • Additional Private Support Group with Dan
  • 4  x 70-minute Personal Training sessions (via Zoom)
  • Monthly Nutrition or Lifestyle coaching session (via Zoom)

Before purchasing, please book a free Zoom/phone consultation with Dan.

We offer a Model Agency/Corporate licence for £5000 per annum. This includes.

  1. 25 licences of annual Memberships
  2. Private WhatsApp group for Agency
  3. 4 x 90 minute Live Virtual Masterclasses for Talent (Nutrition, Posture, Confidence… or tailor-made)
  4. Free 30 minute phone consult per user with one of our trainers

Upon purchasing a membership using our secure e-commerce system, you will be given a username and asked to create a password. Within 30 seconds, your account and subscription will be processed, and you may login/logout of the club via this website. The MX FASHION MODEL WORKOUT Club has been designed to be easily navigated on your phone, tablet or laptop/pc.

On Day 1 of each program, there is a physical assessment and questionnaire. Please answer all the questions and press send. We can then start providing you with personalised advice on how you can best experience MX. Your enjoyment and the results you get with us are sincerely important to us, and we look forward to welcoming you to the club, coaching you and supporting you as go on this new & exciting journey.

“Methodology X is a revolutionary toning regime”

NO RISK PURCHASE. We know you’ll love MX, but if for some reason you don’t we’ll happily give you an INSTANT REFUND at any point in the first 7 days.

The MX Fashion Model Workout Club is the signature product from the Methodology X™ workout brand. You can also check out our MX Group Classes, the MX Group Instructor Qualification, MX personalized retreats in Miami and the MX Podcast, which is hosted by Dan.