Current Hotel & Residency Partnerships

The Dan Roberts Group offers a wide range of fully integrated fitness & wellbeing programs that deliver unique and unparalleled holistic wellness solutions.

Your guest expects a new level of luxury that offers the best in fitness and wellness services. With our experience with UHNW clients, married with our experience and repuation as a leading luxury fitness brand, we are seasoned professionals in facilitating your guests’ needs for now and tomorrow.

We can also go beyond your facilities, as our global wellness concierge services will take care of your discerning guests wherever they may travel.  We are well-versed in setting up boutique classes, running clubs, in-room fitness solutions, guest workshops, & masterclasses. Our nutrition team are used to collaborating with your chefs on menu design to ensure your guests have not only the healthiest but the most flavourful cuisine to enjoy.

We will work closely with your team to deliver a unique world-class offline, online or hybrid wellness program. Due to our team’s wealth of experience, we can also provide media and PR support if necessary. We can elevate your guests’ experience and transform your hotel into a holistic and immersive wellness destination.

Click for a sample collaboration – Shangri-La at the Shard, London

We provide:

Gym design & Ethos development
International wellness professional sourcing and hiring
Training & development of your in-house team
Placement of specialised coaches & wellbeing professionals
Global concierge service
Wellness menu development
Bespoke fitness events & guest experiences
Production of in-room TV virtual work-outs
Creation of world-class fitness retreats