Dan provides professional 1-2-1 personal training that will give you the ‘best’ body you’ve ever had. Training should be much more than impressive results; It should be a mentally stimulating and fun journey that teaches you new skills, tools and inner confidence that lasts a lifetime.

You will be treated as the beautifully unique individual you are and a wide variety of exercises are utilized that best suit your physiology and personality. Depending on you exact goals, Dan may utilise Pilates, Boxing, Running, Yoga, Plyometrics, Alexander Technique, Bodybuilding, Martial Arts, Stunt Training, Weapons Training, Rehab & Prehab, Olympic Lifting, Strength & Conditioning, Athletics, Nutritional Coaching, Meditation, Mindfulness and Lifestyle coaching.

With 30,000+ hours of 1-2-1 coaching experience and an extensive track record of dramatic body transformations over the last 25+ years, working with Dan is a world-class coaching experience. Dan looks after his private clients in London, Online (virtually with Zoom) and travels internationally on special projects. His in-house specialist coaching team and global Personal Training partners in LA, NYC, Sydney and Paris can also provide support and coaching when needed.


Areas of Expertise 

Dan provides specialist physical preparation to help Actors look, move and embody the character they will be portraying on stage/screen.

Dan Roberts and his team are a trusted asset for the lead talent on many projects for Hollywood & European studios, BBC, Netflix, Amazon, HBO and London’s West End.

We offer a comprehensive approach to helping actors physically prepare for roles, including lifestyle, recovery, mindset, nutrition and exercise. Sessions often include strength & conditioning, athletic training, movement coaching, parkour, stunt preparation, screen combat, martial arts, Weapons training, yoga, dance, boxing, deep tissue massage, rehab, prehab, physiotherapy and osteopathy. We provide various nutritional solutions, including bespoke meal & supplement plans, daily meal delivery and private chefs. We can also supply and/or recommend trusted specialist local trainers for on-set maintenance when filming outside of London or provide ongoing online virtual training from 530am to 10pm GMT.

Dan and his team are used to dealing with high-pressure, time-constrained big-budget projects, and they ALWAYS get the results needed. A breakdown of all the Actors & productions we have directly worked with can be shared during the consultation process if required.

The new NUK SOO™ online mind & body transformation program & membership club is a great resource for working Actors. NUK SOO is a tough gym-free fitness program that significantly leans, tones, and firms your body and teaches a wide range of martial arts skills and self-development lessons. Membership plans start at just £50 per month. 

Dan first started working with fashion models when he was living as a Trainer in Rio de Janeiro in 2007. Since then, he has earned a reputation within the global fashion industry as a go-to Trainer for professional fashion models needing to take things to the next level in their careers. Dan looks after international models represented by such agencies as Wilhelmina, IMG, Ford, Next, Elite, Premier, Storm, Francina, Marilyn, Oui and TESS.

Using Dan’s methods honed from his extensive experience and understanding of the fashion industry, he can sculpt your body while getting you the precise hip and waist measurements you require. You will also get stronger without bulking up and dramatically improve your core strength, posture, coordination, fluidity of movement and general fitness. We fully understand the life of modelling and will also help you maintain a positive routine and can assist you with stress management, sleep, nutrition and general wellness.

Dan tailors his fashion model fitness training to your specific requirements and timelines. When you travel outside of London, he’ll coordinate your international training needs via our network of recommended fashion model-friendly trainers in NYC, LA and Paris – as well as training you virtually via Zoom 1-2-1 sessions (or via Methodology X™). Please fill in the form below to book a free personal training consultation with Dan.


The Methodology X™ workout brand was inspired by Dan’s unique system for helping Fashion Models look their best and was born from the demand he enjoys from models all over the world. Methodology X group classes and the MX Fashion Model Workout Club (online membership)  have helped countless women become model-fit. The global press has cited the MX workout as the ‘fitness bible for models’. We also have an MX podcast, an MX-themed fitness retreat in Miami and, for fitness professionals, a nationally accredited MX Instructor qualification.

Roberts can assess, improve and optimise your general movement, mobility, functional strength, muscular endurance, core activation, dynamic balance, rotational speed, agility, reactions, concentration, acceleration, deceleration, multi-directional speed and power output. Your training programme is always tailored to your unique circumstances and balances getting instant results with your long-term athletic development

He has extensive experience as a strength and conditioning coach to many full-time athletes. He has successfully trained several Team GB track athletes and many amateur and professional fighters in boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai and Wrestling. Dan has also worked worldwide, coaching professional golfers, ATP Tour tennis players, stuntmen, skiers, wakeboarders, surfers, rock climbers, triathletes, and a plethora of ultra-distance runners.

Dan Roberts also created the National Indian tennis squad’s official strength program, the UK’s first nationally accredited fitness qualification in Muay Thai Instruction and has co-created and taught numerous nationally accredited coaching courses to personal trainers over the years. The variety in Dan’s career has afforded him the expertise, insights and experience to take your athletic career to new heights.

Along with our in-house team of specialist coaches, and our  ‘Athlete support crew.’ (which includes some of London’s leading performance nutritionists, physiotherapists, private doctors, specialist medical consultants, sports psychologists and professors in sports medicine); the Dan Roberts Group can provide world-class expertise for competitive athletes via program development, consulting to teams and bespoke 1-2-1 coaching. Teams and individual athletes, get in touch today to discuss personal training and consulting options.

We provide fun, varied and professional personal training tailored to your fitness and weight-loss goals. Each journey to a happy, capable and confident body is unique, and no two clients are trained exactly the same, but our athletic living philosophy and holistic ethos never waver.

You will be exposed to various disciplines, such as strength training, martial arts, yoga, plyometrics, rehab, prehab, agility/reactions work, meditation, boxing, postural alignment and nutritional coaching. You will not only get the body that looks and performs how you want, but you’ll learn new ways of moving, training and thinking about exercise and well-being that will serve you forever.

In your free consultation, Dan will carefully consider your specific circumstances and prescribe a bespoke personal training solution to suit your lifestyle, personality, goals and budget.

Dan provides a uniquely comprehensive 6-month service where he will act as your personal Lifestyle Curator, Wellness Guru, Body Transformation Coach and Fitness Concierge.

Working with you, he will create a detailed map of the journey ahead and develop an exciting plan of action that suits your needs, personality, and budget. From assembling a small team, creating sporting experiences in different countries, collaborating with your private Chef, Doctors & PA, and regularly travelling to/with you to oversee your progress, he will take full responsibility for your journey and results.

Dan’s many athletic adventures around the world, his experience running athletic retreats and wellness programs for celebrities, corporations and luxury hotels, and his track record of facilitating dramatic body transformations have given him a comprehensive set of skills. Coupled with his patience, empathy, holistic philosophy, and knowledge of all things wellness, make him an invaluable coach for you… and make this a truly life-changing six months that will serve you in the years ahead.

This is a premium service. Previous recipients include Royal Families, UHNW individuals, and Oscar-winning Actors. Please get in touch with Dan directly to apply.

Business Mentoring | Dan Roberts Group

If you are interested in working with Dan to help you reach your goals, please fill out the form below or call our London Office at (+44) 0207 989 0338.

Our London clients enjoy access to Dan’s in-house specialist coaching team (teaching ballet, martial arts, fitness, nutrition, yoga and meditation) and his trusted network of private doctors, masseurs, life coaches, Pilates teachers, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, osteopaths, dermatologists, surgeons, performance nutritionists, dieticians and therapists.

We also enjoy close working relationships with many of the world’s most celebrated coaches including specialist personal trainers in New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Paris. We endeavour to provide our globe-trotting clientele with the ultimate in personal fitness and well-being care.

Every client we work with is on a unique package that is designed to suit their needs. Packages often include regular coaching sessions, video homework, lifestyle coaching and varying levels of nutritional support. We look after all the variables to make sure you get world-class results. After your free consultation, we will send you a tailor-made proposal.

Hourly rates:

  • London: Specialist Coach – £150
  • London: Dan Roberts – £200
  • Virtual PT with Dan Roberts – Starting at £150

Clients as projects: Dan Roberts has looked after the fitness & well-being of hundreds of different people face-to-face and thousands online. He is at his best when the stakes are high, and a significant lifestyle transformation is needed. When additional complications require patience and empathy, Dan and the his coaching team pride themselves on having the understanding and skill to get amazing results. For example, we have helped different personalities reach their goals while navigating hormonal irregularities, nerve damage, chronic illness, disordered eating, disabilities, depression, anxiety, and various injuries. We are also experienced and adept at coaching neurodiverse clients, particularly those with ADHD or Aspergers.

A non-judgemental space: Not everyone lives like a monk. Dan and his London coaches have also worked with enough coke-fuelled rock stars to be shocked or become judgemental about whatever wild and hedonistic ways you currently live your life! We naturally operate from a place of kindness, compassion and non-judgmental acceptance while doing our best to facilitate better lifestyle choices, get results and help unleash your inner athlete.

Dan and/or his London coaching team can train you at our base at the Ham Yard Hotel in Soho, at your hotel, park or work with you at your home. Please fill in the form below to apply for Personal Training.

Dan provides four different ways to help clients virtually.

  • MX Fashion Model Workout Club
  • NUK SOO  Mind & Body Program
  • Dan’s 30-Day Bootcamp
  • Virtual Personal Training with Dan

In addition to Personal Training over Zoom, Dan can travel with you on special projects, and visit you to oversee your transformation. He also offers small group retreats in Switzerland and intensive 1-2-1 coaching experiences in Miami and on various private islands worldwide.

Apply for Private Coaching

Please fill in the form to book a free 40-minute consultation with Dan.

The information below is sent directly to Dan Roberts in the strictest confidence. We require any potential client for our coaching services (Online, London, or International) to fill out this form. If accepted, Dan will contact you within 48 hours of submission to book a Zoom or face-to-face consultation with you. All new clients MUST have a consultation before coaching can commence.

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  • These are held in London's Soho district (at the Ham Yard Hotel or Groucho Club) or will be online via Zoom.


The safety of our clients and our community is always our priority. Therefore we are NOT providing any face-to-face coaching in London or internationally for the time being. We are currently delivering all our private 1-2-1 sessions virtually via Zoom. Please contact us for availability.

Sadly, and rather unsurprisingly our retreats, masterclasses and workshops are all on hold. However, we have been helping clients online for many years and can provide you with various coaching options. Please CLICK HERE to read more about all our online coaching services, and check out our popular MX™ and NUK SOO™ online memberships clubs along with all our free online workouts and free courses. You can also get to know Dan and enjoy his regular advice via the MX Podcast and his Youtube and Instagram channels.

“Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson.