Methodology X™ by Dan Roberts is the go to workout for the fashion industry. We understand that looking strong is all the rage, but we serve those women who like a fit and lean figure and want to feel strong without looking like a juiced-up gym bunny. MX-ers develop lean and toned figures through our workouts that marry pilates, athletics, dance, yoga and mindfulness.

Dan’s unique workout system is championed by the fashion industry, personal trainers, the International media and thousands of MX-ers all over the world. Methodology X™ benefits from Dan’s 27 years of coaching, the lessons he has learned training the worlds top models and his talent for helping improve the relationship you have with exercise and your body.

Methodology X™ is a scientific, innovative and empowering workout system that gets real results. Dan created the very first MX workout back in 2013; Since then the workout has evolved and grown in so many ways! … so much so, in 2019 Methodology X become a stand-alone company working under the umbrella of the Dan Roberts Group. 

We are currently helping tone up 1000’s of women via our online members club. In addition our new & award-winning MX group classes are running in 7 different countries; all taught by our growing family of incredible MX Instructors. In summer 2020 the official MX Podcast launched and we have many new launches planned in the future, so please stay tuned!