Do you want a lean, toned and svelte figure? Do you want to feel strong, fit, athletic and confident? Inspired by the hundreds of Fashion Models Dan has personally trained for fashion week and swimwear/lingerie shoots; the Methodology X™ workout system has been meticulously designed to do just this. This breakthrough system marries strength training, pilates, athletics, ballet, yoga and mindfulness to give you precise toning results, strength without any bulk and will teach you to sweat with a smile!

Dan Roberts created the first Methodology X™ workout in 2013, and it’s continually evolved as both a workout and a brand ever since. We now have nearly 2000 members of his online coaching program  – the MX Fashion Model Workout Club. In addition, many experience Methodology X™ in the flesh via our award-winning MX Group Classes – taught globally by our family of certified MX Instructors. Methodology X™ regularly features in the national press and is known as ‘the number 1 workout for models.’ 

“Methodology X is a revolutionary Toning regime”

Phoenix Magazine

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