Methodology X Group Classes

Our MX group exercise classes were born from the popularity of the Methodology X Online workout. MX classes offer you a fun, educational and transformative group workout experience. Combining elements of Pilates, yoga, athletics, ballet, commercial dance, strength training and meditation, our award-winning MX group exercise classes are popping up around the globe.

Taught by our certified MX Instructors; each class is a challenging, holistic and athletic journey. Attending a MX class will tone and firm you up in all the right places while making you smile, sweat and fall in love with your athletic self.

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The suite of MX classes are designed for active women who want variety and need real, measurable results. Classes are particularly popular within the fashion models community, but are suitable to all women who like a challenge!

get lean – reduce your hip & waist measurements
develop – improve muscle tone & correct imbalances
sculpt – target glutes, inner thighs, obliques & arms
strengthen – improve your core, posture & coordination
learn –  master optimal form for every MX movement
love your body – reach a new level of body confidence
support – enjoy expertise from a certified MX Instructor



Each 60 minute MX class has a different vibe and athletic emphasis. They all using zero or minimal equipment (such as gliding disks) and are suitable for regular exercisers. Variety is vital for the body and mind, so Dan designs new classes regularly to keep it fun and new.  The current suite of MX classes include:

  • MX Ipanema
  • MX Signature
  • MX Gaga
  • MX Vogue
  • MX Vanity Flair

  • MX Core Secrets
  • MX Paris
  • MX Tone & Flow
  • MX Milano
  • MX Vinyasa Sculpt


Our growing family of MX Instructors have all studied a very comprehensive educational course with us and passed a practical teaching examination adjudicated by Dan Roberts. As they are all self employed, please do all booking and payments directly with them.

Our wonderful Instructors are licensed to teach the entire suite of MX group classes, both face to face and online. In addition, those Instructors who are also Personal Trainers can also offer you personalised 1-2-1 MX sessions.


MX classes are still relatively new in the fitness marketplace, but are already operating in seven countries at present (England, South Africa, Australia, Italy, Latvia, Germany and USA). We will be launching an interactive online directory soon, thus making it easier to find an MX Instructor and class near you.

In the meantime, please get in touch and we can pass on contact details of a certified, licensed and fully insured MX Instructor closest to you. Please also follow our dedicated Instagram @Methodology_X to be a part of the tribe, and to stay connected with MX news, free workouts, special offers and any upcoming live events.

“Loving your body and embracing your natural athletic self is at the very heart of the Methodology X® philosophy. As you will soon see, this is more than a fitness routine, it’s an empowering athletic journey. We have a growing family of wonderful Insructors who will teach, educate and inspire you! Please get in touch with us to find your nearest Instructor / class.”