When you dream big, act bold and commit to living a more athletic life – a life full of energy, mindful movement, hard training, skill aquisition and playfulness; then your mind & body become one and life is more fun. We can help you connect with yourself; while helping you perform at your peak, get the body of your dreams and fall in love with your body. Every day leading figures from Entertainment, Fashion, Business and Pro Sports rely on our services. We’d love to help you too!

Welcome to the Dan Roberts Group. We are a wellness company based in London with a global customer base. We provide specialist personal training in London, online coaching, luxurious international retreats, hotel wellness programs, the groundbreaking workouts; Methodology X™  and NUK SOO™, advanced qualifications for fitness professionals, a range of free resources & courses and a new weekly Podcast. We live the ‘athletic life’. Come Join us.