COVID-19 and the Dan Roberts Group

While London is in lockdown, we obviously can not offer face-to-face coaching. However, through the wonders of technology, we can provide world-class ONLINE personal training via live 1-2-1 Zoom/Skype sessions. In addition, as we have worked in the online space for many years prior to the pandemic, we have an established range of online services, coaching programs, educational courses and free resources to help you stay fit, healthy and sane during these unprecedented times.

We are a fitness & wellbeing company based in London, England.
Est. 2002

We believe your mind and body are one, but modern living has separated them. When you commit to living a more athletic life, the connection returns and magic happens! We combine elite exercise programming, mindful movement, strength training, yoga, ballet, mixed martial arts, wellness coaching, nutritional coaching and the lost art of playing to give our clients superior results.

Leading figures from the worlds of acting, fashion, sport, music and business trust us with their body, fitness and wellbeing. We help our clients via specialist coaching in London, retreats in Miami & Switzerland and virtual personal training. We can also help you transform your body at home via our popular workout for women, METHODOLOGY X® and the mind-body development program NUK SOO®.

Our mission is to revolutionise the way people think about their body, exercise and wellbeing. Inspired by our founders philosophy, 25+ years of international coaching experience and his passion for helping people live their best life, we are driven to make a lasting impact. We are actively growing as an organisation, so we can help more people around the globe live healthy, fit and body-confident lives.

Alongside our two online memberships clubs, Methodology X® and NUK SOO® and our bespoke virtual personal training service; We also provide free online resources and free workout programs.

Throughout 2020 we are growing our Methodology X® coaching team internationally. Become a certified Instructor and teach our award-winning MX group fitness classes.

Championed by the fashion industry, celebrities and the national media, and designed specifically for women wanting a long, lean and athletic figure; our Methodology X® brand is looking for more passionate coaches to join our MX family. 

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