The Dan Roberts Group is an award-winning coaching organisation that serves a discerning global clientele. We help people transform their body, fitness and wellbeing.

Established in 2002 | London

Dan Roberts, BSc. CSCS. Dip Phil.

Having begun his coaching career in 1993, Dan is a globally renowned Strength & Conditioning Coach with over 25,000 hours of 1-2-1 coaching behind him. His passion and talent for teaching, fitness, martial arts, sports, movement and wellness are infused into our ‘athletic living’ philosophy.

As one of the industries leading body & lifestyle transformation specialists; Dan has a long track record of helping high-profile clients from the worlds of sports, entertainment and fashion get dramatic results and is considered a thought-leader in mind-body wellness. He is also a Fight & Movement Coach for Hollywood Film productions, a consultant to fashion Model agencies, a Writer, Podcaster, Business Mentor, Educator, and serves as the Managing Director of the Dan Roberts Group of companies.