“Our company is born out of a passion for helping people live more athletic lives,  become body confident and feel amazing. By training intelligently, mindfully and playfully, along with our kind approach to nutrition and stress, you will get incredible results that will stay with you forever.”

Dan Roberts, BSc. Dip Phil, CSCS

Let us Help You

Established in 2002, we are a leading coaching company. We provide world-class personal training and body transformation services in London.

Outside of London, our services include 5 star athletic retreats in Miami and Lisbon, a range of specialist online coaching services, and two at-home online workout guides; METHODOLOGY X® – a unique exercise program for women which has been championed by the fashion industry; and NUK SOO® – our new 90-day mind & body transformation program.
We also provide business mentoring to coaches, wellness industry consulting, accredited coaching qualifications and turnkey wellness solutions for luxury hotels.

Our mission is to continue to innovate, educate and inspire.