Workplace Wellness

Helping your team develop in mind & body and feel empowered.

Established in 2002, the Dan Roberts Group is an innovative and trusted coaching company. We are passionate about helping others operate at their peak, both physically and mentally.

We provide corporate teams and companies a range of online and offline solutions to help improve employee wellness, fitness, stress-resilience and productivity.  We offer businesses three core services. Consulting, the Business Edition of our NUK SOO program, and a bespoke employee wellness solution for London based firms.

We always take into account the physical, psychological and social needs of your team members and integrate with your operational methods to create (or reinforce) a real collaborative, open and friendly workplace culture.

 NUK SOO™ for Business

NUK SOO is our signature mindset & fitness development program. This popular online program, teaches focus, resilience and mental well-being alongside varied daily fitness regime. Perfect for remote teams; our Business Edition of NUK SOO includes additional live coaching support and bespoke videos that talk directly to your team members.


Dan consults with forward-thinking businesses to help them with their employee wellness. Expertise includes:

  • Gym / Studio Design
  • Wellness program – KPI development
  • Culture development
  • Wellness Intergration

Business Mentoring | Dan Roberts Group

London Bespoke

For London corporate teams & companies we can provide regular fitness classes in a range of disciplines, establish a running club, create and deliver wellness educational workshops and set up games, challenges and subtle workplace rituals that will not only profoundly help the individuals, but will help directly reinforce a culture of wellness at your company.