We want you to live an athletic life. A life where training is fun, varied and effective and you feel body confident all the time. Our range of free at-home workouts, guides and courses will give you a taste of our methods, moves and concepts and have been lovingly created to help you.

Online Course | High-Performance Living

Let Dan’s 30-day self-development eCourse help you live your best life. Daily lessons are emailed straight to your inbox every day for 30 days and start as soon as you sign up! This free educational resource will help you live an athletic, centered and high-performance lifestyle and is full of practical tips. Enjoy!

Online Workout | The Warrior Challenge

This free 5-day fitness workout will help you look, perform and feel like a warrior. Using martial arts striking and conditioning drills, this is a fun, unique and challenging workout that uses your body as the gym. The Warrior challenge also serves as a comprehensive introduction to our NUK SOO™ 90 day mind & body transformation program.

Video Course | How to love your body

This free body image guide was created by the Harley Street Psychotherapist and member of our London wellness team, Danielle Sandler. Expect practical tips to help you understand and deal with some of the issues associated with negative body image and learn practical, evidence-based psychological tools to help you gain a healthier relationship with your body.

Online Workout + Toning Guide | Glide Away

Glide Away is a free 60-minute workout using gliding disks and a sample day of Methodology X™. Suitable for all levels, this free workout includes tips on form, animated gifs of each exercise and a fun playlist.

Glide Away also includes access to Dan’s Female Toning Guide. This exclusive report shares the 5 secrets of an athletic and lean female body, based on his experience training many of worlds leading fashion models.

We hope you enjoy our free resources.