Dan’s 30-day virtual Bootcamp will help you get fitter stronger, lose weight, tone up and unleash your athletic prowess. Suitable for all genders, ages (over 16) and fitness levels, all you need is a kettlebell and a pair of dumbells.

We offer you instant access to a transformative coaching experience that will give you the kickstart you need!

The Benefits

  1. Train with Dan Roberts in an intensive, fun and very affordable way.
  2. Have a new body! (not just leaner, but stronger, more mobile & coordinated).
  3. Learn more about the science of exercise and wellbeing
  4. Develop new long-term nutritional, mindset and activity habits.

What’s Included 

  • 6 x a week new video workout sessions for 4 weeks
  • Weekly lifestyle, nutrition and mindset lessons
  • Lifetime access to the workouts

£250  Now only £199


You will need a kettlebell and a pair of dumbells. 

If you are new to kettlebells please use an 8-12kg. For those more experienced with kettlebells, pick a weight you can just about do a one-armed seated shoulder press for 10 reps.

For Dumbells. 2 x 10kg or 2 x 12kg heavier would be ideal.

NB: As long as the weights you’re within 30% of these weights then your experience and results will not be affected.

“I believe exercise should be varied and educational. 

Within each week, you will cover all seven pillars of fitness: strength, power, endurance, mobility, coordination, balance, and skill acquisition; you will also strengthen your core, burn fat, improve your posture and develop new skills such as Plyomtetics, Martial Arts and Pilates.

Every workout will last 45-60 minutes, and every one of the sessions will be different. The sessions start pretty easy (you should try the first day of the Bootcamp below to get an idea..) and get more challenging,  varied, exciting and complex as the days go on.

Even though nothing beats 1-2-1 personal training, I have tried to make both versions of the Bootcamp feel like a Personal Training experience.

I believe we are all athletes deep down… and training helps us awaken that side of our essence. Humans are designed to move, jump, twist, push, pull, punch, kick and stretch. We are designed to go out of our comfort zone… and we are designed to learn new skills. This philosophy permeates through all my coaching programs, including the Bootcamp.. so don’t expect it to be easy!

I will push you and challenge you every day as I want to prove what 30 days of focused training and lifestyle changes can make to your body, mind and self-confidence.”

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