Dan’s 30-day virtual Bootcamp will help you get fitter, stronger, lose weight, tone up and unleash your athletic prowess. Suitable for all genders, ages (over 16) and fitness levels, all you need is a kettlebell and a pair of dumbells. We offer a pre-recorded version (with a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t LOVE it!) and LIVE versions during the Winter that are taught over Zoom & Whatsapp.

The benefits

  1. Train with Dan Roberts in an intensive, fun and affordable way.
  2. Have a new body! (not just leaner, but stronger, more mobile & coordinated).
  3. Learn more about the science of exercise and wellbeing
  4. Develop new long-term nutritional, mindset and activity habits.

What’s included 

  • 6 x week workout sessions
  • Weekly lifestyle, nutrition and mindset lessons
  • (LIVE ONLY – daily zoom sessions, weekly Q&A and WhatsApp group)
  • (Pre-recorded only). Lifetimee access to the workouts

Available Bootcamps


Always feel free to get in touch to ask our advice on this. It mainly comes down to budget and how much support you need/want.


Benefits of the Live Bootcamps (compared to the pre-recorded) 

  1. Real-time zoom sessions where Dan can modify the exercises for the participants.
  2. Each Saturday every participant gets a unique fitness challenge based on their goals & personality
  3. Every Sunday night, Dan does a live 45-minute ZOOM Q&A
  4. Access to a Bootcamp Accountability Group on Whatsapp
  5. Dan offers full direct support and motivation in the group.
  6. Sense of community This is what most customers cite as the most fun part. With a max of only 20 participants per Bootcamp, you will feel part of a club and the support will not only help you get better results but will make the entire experience even more fun.

p. s Recordings are made for every session, so if you miss a workout, you can log in and watch it a few hours later. Access to all the recordings is given for 7 days after the live Bootcamp finishes.


Benefits of the pre-recorded version

  1. Same structure, exercises and lessons as the LIVE version
  2. Significantly cheaper.
  3. you get to keep the workouts forever, so you can come back and repeat the program, or your favourite parts whenever you want.

You will need a kettlebell and a pair of dumbells. 

If you are new to kettlebells please use an 8-12kg. For those more experienced with kettlebells, pick a weight you can just about do a one-armed seated shoulder press for 10 reps.

For Dumbells. 2 x 10kg or 2 x 12kg heavier would be ideal.

NB: As long as the weights you’re within 30% of these weights then your experience and results will not be affected.

“A lot of fun.  I also like exercise sessions to have variety and be educational. You will learn why we’re doing certain exercises.

Every workout will last 55-60 minutes and every one of the sessions will be different. Within each week, you will cover all seven pillars of fitness: strength, power, endurance, mobility, coordination, balance, and skill acquisition, You will also strengthen your core, burn fat, improve your posture and develop new skills such as Plyomtetics, Martial Arts and Pilates. The sessions get tougher and more complex as the days go on. Even though nothing beats personal training, it will feel like that as you will go on a real journey with me.  

I believe we are all athletes deep down… and training helps us awaken that side of our essence. We humans are designed to move, jump, twist, push, pull, punch, kick and stretch. We are designed to go out of our comfort zone… and we are designed to learn new skills. This philosophy permeates through all my coaching programs, including the Bootcamp.. so don’t expect it to be easy.

I will push you and challenge you every day as I want to prove to you what 30 days of focused training and lifestyle changes can really make to your body, mind and inner confidence.


There are additional weekly lessons as you go through the program. These will educate and challenge you to make better decisions regarding attitude, eating, sleeping, training and more. When you want a dramatic change or a powerful kickstart, you have to do more than just train hard… these lessons will help you focus on all the key variables and make this a truly holistic wellbeing program.



The day before you start the Bootcamp you will be sent an online questionnaire that asks searching questions about your lifestyle, training history, goals and, nutritional habits. Using this information Dan will help you commit to new food, lifestyle & mindset changes and will check up on you via the WhatsApp group and through emailed lessons.

The Live Bootcamp experience adds accountability and community to the mix which will help you stay on the right path.

Dan is an experienced Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach based in London. Coming up to 30,000 hours of 1-2-1 instruction he has many insights and tools to share to help you get world-class results.  He is also a respected Educator, the founder/creator of the NUK SOO™ and Methodology X™ workout brands, a mentor, Podcaster and an Expert Consultant to Sports teams, Luxury Hotels and for many Hollywood movies. Click here to read more.