Our mission is to inspire a better way of training that reconnects your mind and body on your journey to optimal results. I want you to love exercise, love food, love your body and live an athletic life. You deserve a fit, strong, lean, functional and supremely capable body – and we will show you exactly how to get it. ”






“One of the most respected, talked about fitness and wellbeing companies in the UK.”


“His forensic knowledge of all things fitness is jaw-dropping.”

The Sunday Times

“a luxury brand to watch.”

Lux Worldwide

“The go-to PT for several Royal families and Hollywood film studios.”

Woman's Health

“Personal Trainer to the stars.”


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Men's Health

“PT to a slew of Victoria Secret Angels and the man A-list actresses call when they come to London.”


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The Malestrom

“The man behind the world’s hottest bodies.”

Heat Magazine

“One of Europe’s leading strength & conditioning coaches.”

Muscle & Performance



Established in 2002, The Dan Roberts Group is a wellness organisation committed to raising the bar on how fitness training is defined, consumed and delivered across the world.

We’ve built a reputation in London as the leading private coaching practice for athletes, musicians, actors and models. We also offer premium fitness retreats in Miami, London and Lisbon, online coaching and award-winning workout regimes