“My mission is to inspire a new way of training which not only achieves optimal results but reconnects your mind and body. I want you to love exercise, love food, love your body and live an athletic life. You deserve a fit, strong, lean, functional and supremely capable body – and we will show you how.”


“One of the most respected, talked about fitness and wellbeing companies in the UK.”


“His forensic knowledge of all things fitness is jaw-dropping.”

The Sunday Times

“a luxury brand to watch.”

Lux Worldwide

“The go-to PT for several Royal families and Hollywood film studios.”

Woman's Health

“Personal Trainer to the stars.”


“The greatest celebrity trainer.”

Men's Health

“PT to a slew of Victoria Secret Angels and the man A-list actresses call when they come to London.”


“One of the most important figures in the well-being industry.”

The Malestrom

“The man behind the world’s hottest bodies.”

Heat Magazine

“One of Europe’s leading strength & conditioning coaches.”

Muscle & Performance


Established in 2002, the Dan Roberts Group provides international, premium fitness and wellbeing solutions.  Services include; personal training in London and New York, beach and city retreats in Miami, London and Portugal, as well as ‘at home’ workouts, group exercise classes and an array of online packages.

Our unique approach to wellness mixes intelligent, athletic and holistic protocols with a caring philosophy. Our goal is not just to help individuals, but to improve coaching standards across the fitness industry, via qualifications and mentoring for fitness professionals.

Come and join us – live the athletic life!