Mentoring for Fitness Professionals

Do you want help with your career?

The fitness and wellbeing industry is competitive and can often feel overwhelming. It is also an exciting, collaborative and fun industry to work in, brimming with opportunities to make a real difference in your own and other people’s lives.

For Dan, education is a crucial for the expanding fitness industry and its growing experts. During the last eight years, he has personally mentored a plethora of freelance personal trainers, yoga teachers, nutritionists and other wellbeing professionals. He has written two nationally accredited coaching qualifications, taught and assessed many student trainers through their Level 3 PT certification, been an expert columnist for Women’s Running, Men’s Running, London Lite and Men’s Fitness. Dan is also a popular speaker at various industry events, such as Be Fit, Well To Do and Future Fest and he is a returning Judge at the 2018 Annual Wellbeing Awards at BAFTA, London.

Drawing upon his 24+ years of coaching clients and building a world-renowned brand, he can help you raise your game as an educator and provide real, practical, strategic advice on how to grow a wellbeing business with integrity and authenticity.

Dan offers mentoring on a set 8-week package, meeting for two hours in London then via weekly 30 min phone/skype sessions. The cost is £1,000.

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