Services for Competitive Athletes

Dan looks after pro athletes personally. He can assess, improve and optimise your general movement, mobility, functional strength, muscular endurance, core activation, dynamic balance, rotational speed, agility, reactions, concentration, acceleration, deceleration, multi-directional speed and power output. Your training programme is always tailored with your unique circumstances and long-term athletic development in mind.

Dan has extensive experience as a strength and conditioning coach to many full-time athletes and has successfully trained several Team GB track athletes (as well as a plethora of amateur, professional fighters (in boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai and Wrestling). In addition, Dan has worked all over the world coaching professional golfers, ATP Tour tennis players, stuntmen, skiers, wakeboarders, surfers, rock climbers, triathletes and plethora of ultra distance runners. He wrote the strength program for the Indian tennis squad, created a nationally accredited fitness qualification in Martial Arts instruction and has lead numerous coaching courses to personal trainers over the years. The variety in Dan’s career has afforded him a lot of knowledge and practical expertise to help you take your athletic career up a notch.


Athlete Support crew

In addition, when needed Dan can call on his Athlete support crew. They includes UK’s leading performance nutritionists, physiotherapists, private doctors, specialist medical consultants, sports psychologists and professors in sports medicine. Along with our in-house team of specialist coaches, the Dan Roberts Group provides world-class expertise to help you be a better athlete.


How we can help

We can help you (and/or your team) by writing a detailed exercise program, doing virtual S&C Personal Training sessions, doing face to face coaching in London or via our monthly bespoke coaching packages. Every athlete is different and we can happily adapt how we help to suit your needs.