Join our Instagram campaign this Friday!

Our #loveyourbodyfriday Instagram campaign tries to express – in a hashtag – our brand philosophy. We believe that exercise isn’t about what you look like. It’s about reconnecting with your inner athlete. We believe that the first step to feeling supremely body confident and at one with your body is to stop self-objectification and to treat your amazing body as an instrument, not an ornament.

The aim of this campaign is to empower individuals and encourage movement, fun and fitness. We hate that modern society so frequently reduces our amazing bodies to just their supposed aesthetic qualities.  Social media is an incredible tool for inspiring others – let us use it to help celebrate what the human body can do and showcase a positive mind-body relationship.

Join us this coming Friday on Instagram and search for #loveyourbodyfriday and use our media below or create you own to inspire your followers. We encourage you to reflect on these questions:

Why do you love your body?
How do you show your body love?
Why is training good for the mind and body?
What does a good relationship with your body feel like?


Use the hashtag in post. Please tag in @taeamdanroberts . See you Friday!