Personal Athletic Retreats in Miami

Dan Roberts provides three different 1-2-1 fitness retreats in Miami. You will stay at his favourite hotel on South Beach and train, move and play outside all day and discuss all things fitness over dinner at night. If you want Dan’s undivided attention and enjoy a life-changing, immersive educational experience then this is the trip you need.

  • Fees: Start from £25,000 per week.
  • Includes: Accommodation, food and 8 hours of 1-2-1 coaching day.
  • Availability: Throughout the year. Please contact us to discuss.


The Dan Roberts Signature Retreat has been running for 12 years and is our tailor made retreat that teaches you all we know about nutrition, exercise, mindset and how to love the athletic life. Historically this retreat has also been favoured by those in the public eye needing to look and feel their very best for the MET Ball, Oscars, Grammies and other major public events.


The NUK SOO retreat is based on our breakthrough mind-body virtual workout experience. NUK SOO is Thai slang for warrior – and this experience will immerse you in Dan’s unique philosophy of warrior mind, body and spirit. You will learn a wide range of martial arts, screen combat, stunt work and MMA conditioning drills as well as be challenged through daily zen lifestyle lessons.


The MX retreat is based on our popular workout for women, Methodology X. Inspired Dan’s experience in Rio de Janeiro training Models and as a trusted wellness expert to the UK fashion industry, this retreat is ideal for both working models and Actresses that need quick results. You be placed on a strict yet healthy diet and be coached through an intensive routine.

To discuss your suitability for Miami or our other international options, please get in touch so we can arrange a consultation with Dan.