Hello and welcome to MX Pro!

On this page, you can book the first of your two calls with me and order your T-shirt. To get the most out of this first, 20-minute chat, please complete our consultation form. This is what all our private clients fill out before we train them in London and I want to treat you the same way as I treat them.

I also recommend you prepare your questions for me beforehand. When we chat, the time has a tendency to pass very quickly and I want to make sure that you get exactly what you need out of these calls. If you have no questions, don’t worry! I have lots to say to make sure you get the most out of MX and achieve the exact results you want.

MX Tshirts are produced and delivered by our partners The Loyalist in the USA.  Please allow ten working days for international delivery. Click here to see styles and find out more.