DAY 19

Day 19 Mindful Running Challenge

Today, please head over to NUK SOO EXTRA and click on the RUNNING SECTION. Pick a challenge, lace up your trainers and go!. While running, do NOT listen to any music/audio, as I don’t want any distractions.

I want you to practice mindfulness. This means actively being aware of how your feet land, aware of what all your muscles are doing, your breath, your feet, the temperature, and the smells. Soak it all in! as I need you 100% in the moment during this run.

Don’t think about the past or the future, no matter how immediate. Be it a 5k or 20k, this is an opportunity to train your mind and body as one and partake in moving mediation. I recommend going outside (ideally in nature). Enjoy it! and please do let me know how it went via your Whatsapp Group.

NB; hate running? my advice is to do it anyway.!. but if you must, you can swim, cycle, row, power walk, or use any gym cardio machine.



“The longer and farther I ran, the more I realized that what I was often chasing was a state of mind – a place where worries that seemed monumental melted away, where the beauty and timelessness of the universe, of the present moment, came into sharp focus.”

 Scott Jurek