Kettlebell Workouts & Tutorials

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Please check back regularly as I’ll be adding new tutorials every month. Please practice the moves below to master the techniques and have better quality Kettlebell workouts.

What are Kettlebells?

First used in the 18th century by Farmers in Russia, Kettlebells found their way to the circus As a training tool and exhibition tool for Strongmen. They stayed pretty niche until the Soviet Union started utilising them as a training tool for their military in the 1970s. Ever since then, they have grown amongst the fitness community. The rise of CrossFit, which always use them..  and Covid (with everyone being forced to at-home training) has seen Ketteleblls become a standard piece of kit for many of us.

They are essentially Iron cannonballs with handles. When you watch my tutorial videos and try some of my beginner workouts, you’ll learn more about them. They are a wonderful tool that will help you get fit, lean and athletic.

I’m currently doing the 90-day plan.  Should I add in kettlebells?

No. You will get the best results from the 90-day challenge by sticking to it as I designed and not improvising. There are 2 exceptions.

Firstly: If you have already done all the different difficulty levels (and have therefore done NUK SOO for at least 3 cycles) and you want to move to twice day training, then adding in a mix of Running, Drills & Thrills, Martial Arts AND Kettlebells workouts inside NUK SOO extra will be amazing.  Doing twice a day training is something I do with a lot of my Actor clients who need to make a dramatic body transformation for a role, or for those of you that want to take your fitness and athletic lifestyle to a whole new level… or for those of you that fancy a 30-day challenge -(see the lifestyle section for more info).

My second exception: If you are between NUK SOO cycles and just playing around with other forms of training, spending a few months focusing on Kettlebells is a lot of fun. You can do the workouts and challenges here and create your own programs based on my tutorial videos.

Are they dangerous?

They can be if you use them wrong. Always have space around you. If you are training in a gym environment or at home with young children (or spaced out adults), I would also advise not using headphones. In particular, Lateral swings, Turkish Get-ups, and Lunging Swings are pretty weird movements and people may not expect it and get hurt.

Also, in terms of your own safety, never lift too heavy. For most of us, If we can’t do an exercise 5 times with perfect form, then it’s too heavy.

I’ve been injured twice over the last 20 years with kettlebells. Once 20 years ago, as a personal trainer at LA Fitness in Holborn and I dropped a 22kg kettlebell on my toe (it broke) and once last year, when my client accidentally dropped an 8kg on a different toe.. that one isn’t looking a bit squiffy too now. My plan to be the worlds premier foot model has been dealt a rather devasting blow!. Anyway… stay focused, be careful, don’t use one that is too heavy, and have great form, and you won’t have any problems with kettlebell training.

Why do you include Kettlebell exercises with NUK SOO?

Three reasons. Firstly, a Kettlebell is a varied tool that helps develop power, endurance, core strength and athletic skill … all key pillars to a great body, and the workouts above will complement the Warrior Circuits. Kettlebell training also fits in with the NUK SOO mindful movement ethos. They are a skill to master.

Secondly, because NUK SOO is very much designed to be done anywhere. Kettlebells are small, and you only need one to get started.

My third reason for including Kettlebells into NUK SOO extra is because as your coach, it’s my duty to inspire new ways of training and to educate you, and I know a lot about Kettlebells; I actually wrote a national qualification in them many years ago.. which teaches personal trainers who to teach them… there is no benefit of me knowing all these things but not sharing them with you!

In Summer 2021, I decided to add to NUK SOO by creating NUK SOO Extra as I wanted to be a better coach for you.. and teach you more cool stuff that will help you on your ongoing fitness and self-development journey.

I want to buy one, what weight shall I get?

If you can handle NUK SOO, then a 12kg is a good bet. If you want to buy two, then get different weights, so an 8 and 12 or .. like me, get a 12 and 16.

What Kettlebell brands do you recommend?

It can feel overwhelming when shopping for one!. My advice is, don’t get the uber-expensive ‘competition’ bells, not get the really cheap plastic coated ones. Rogue and Wolverine are my personal go-to brands for robust fitness gear…  but this is my job, so I always invest in the best. Amazon has some great choices which are better value and more appropriate for non-coaches/athletes. Please CLICK HERE to see my recommended kettlebells and other home gym products with links on where to buy them.

Should I wear gloves?

Generally no. You’ll get a better grip without them if you slip a lot, then use climbing chalk (like cross-fitters do) or stop moisturising your hands before a workout! If you are getting calluses on the base of your fingers and that really bothers you, then using gloves will stop them from forming. Look at my recommended products page for the ones I rate. FYI: the thinner the material better when doing kettlebell training as it’s not safe to lose the ‘feel of the handle when doing ballistic movements such as Swings.

Do you offer private 1-2-1 kettlebell Coaching Sessions?

Yup. NUK SOO and all the other things I do are all an extension of my main job, which is a 1-2-1 coach to private clients. To work with me as a regular client is tough as I’m often booked up for months at a time, but I always try to make time for random one-off sessions as it’s nice to help new people, and it’s a lot of fun for me to meet and offer additional help to NUK SOO members! So if you’re passing through London or want an Online/Zoom session, please apply here.