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For potential podcast guests only

Dan is the host of two podcasts, the MX Podcast and the Business School Podcast. Dan brings on occasional expert guests to discuss key topics. These are not interviews, but chats with noted experts in their field who share insights, stories, opinions and practical tips to our many listeners.

If you have been sent to this page, it is because we think you’ll be a perfect guest for an upcoming episode of one of these podcasts and Dan would love to have an initial, exploratory chat with you. During this conversation, you will agree upon discussion points, Dan answer any question you may have about the vibe, metrics and demographics of the relevant show and the two of you can book in a recording time/date. Currently, all shows are pre-recorded virtually and are released 1-6 weeks later. You will be sent a media pack prior to release. The original mp3/mp4 file can also be sent to you upon request.

For this initial chat, please book time/day that suits you best. You can choose a 15min or 30min slot.