Retreats can be a highly effective way to generate more income, attract new clients, upsell current clients, and position your brand at a higher level, and they can be incredible fun. They can also be a huge stress and make you lose money! In this in-depth three-hour Zoom conversation with Dan, he will look at your business and discuss your opportunities to set up retreats that relate to your expertise and experience. He will discuss the different types of coaching-led retreats, how to create an appropriate vibe, how to partner with hotels/resorts, or how to do it all yourself where you must organise flights, transport, accommodation and bookings/cancellations. Dan’s advice is based on his own experience running a wide range of retreats and working with luxury hotels. He can share insights into costings, contracts, hiring local coaches vs flying your team out, legalities, insurance, dealing with bad weather and other variables!  In addition, Dan will share his advice on retreat branding, marketing, costing and getting confirmed guests, whether for a 1-2-1 high-end client experiences or for large groups. If you want to set up and lead your own retreats, this Masterclass is a must!

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