Hello. Every time you do this challenge, please first complete the Pre-Bootcamp questionnaire form below as it helps me offer additional advice. After you have completed the form, click on Week 1 button above to get going.

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  • (Ideally you need 2 x 10kg DB's and a 12kg KB)
  • Feel free to tag him in @teamdanroberts when sharing your progress and results.

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You will be doing a mix of strength & conditioning work, plyometrics, pilates, yoga, athletics, and martial arts. In the videos, I will mostly be doing the exercises so just follow me, please. Every session will be a mix of exercise education and good old fashioned hard work!

You will need access to a pair of dumbells and kettlebells – ideally a pair of 8 or 10kg Dumbbells and a 10-12kg Kettlebell. As Im not there next to you, please be sensible, if something feels too hard, don’t do it!

The Bootcamp is split into 4 weekly segments. From the time of purchase, you’ll only be able to see and access one week at a time.  However after you have completed all 4 weeks, you’ll have full access to any previous week or day. Remember this coaching program is resource for you. You have lifetime access and any updates I make are included.