I created NUK SOO™ (Thai slang for warrior) to help you become more athletic, seriously fit, to drop excess body fat, tone up, move better – and to unleash your inner warrior. A warrior is a highly athletic being – physically capable, fast, balanced and adept at hand-to-hand combat. They are calm under pressure, resilient, determined and focused.

Your 90-day plan includes a combination of ‘warrior’ circuits which have been carefully curated to deliver your daily workout. Each warrior circuit includes a warm-up, nine body-weight movement drills and a cool down. You will find psychological meditations and other mind/body challenges woven into the plan which will give you a truly holistic experience.

Access to the workout is revealed one day at a time to enable focus. But fear not – once your new warrior circuit is revealed, it’s yours to keep forever.

Throughout my studies and experience as a coach, martial artist, amateur philosopher and competitive athlete, I have concluded that the mind and body are intrinsically linked – they are one. When I talk about ‘me’, I am my ‘body’ together with my ‘mind’… one cannot function without the other.

To achieve authentic living and supreme body confidence we should reject western society’s dualistic lens. Your body is more than a clothes hanger or a vessel that houses your brain. For me, the study of martial arts is a way to realise this truth. That’s why NUK SOO™ will expose you to different martial art conditioning drills, and you will learn authentic self-defence applications on your journey. When you have finished your 90-day plan, you will then also have access to more exciting and innovative programmes.

NUK SOO™ is not just a workout – it is a new way of training that connects the mind and body which inspires an athletic life, that is a way of life.

The human body responds best when it’s pushed to the max in an intelligent way. You will be pushed in NUK SOO™ – it’s hard, so expect it, embrace it and enjoy it!

On any given day over the next 90 days, all your prescribed exercises are displayed via animated GIFs with detailed information about correct technique along with sets and reps. Under the sets and reps tab, you will see that there are three levels of difficulty. There are no easy options in NUK SOO™, so for the first time you complete the 90 challenge, I recommend starting at the ‘easiest’ level which is called ‘professional’.

First and foremost, I need to assess you. Along with the physical tests below (which is Day One), I want to know a bit about your lifestyle and how you feel about your body via a short questionnaire.

As a coach, I have learned that accountability is the biggest foundation for success. Answering my questions below and attaching a photo will make you accountable and will inspire you to work harder and stick to the programme if motivation wanes. You will need to send me a progress report on day 45 and a final assessment on day 90.

NUK SOO™ Assessment

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Please note: participation in physical exercise such as that advised in NUK SOO™ is done entirely at your own risk. The author, Dan Roberts, and the publisher, Dan Roberts Enterprises Ltd and the Dan Roberts Group shall in no event be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from any use of his videos, prescribed exercise or any bonus material advice. Physical exercise can be strenuous and is always subject to a risk of serious injury. We recommend that you obtain a physical examination from a doctor before commencing NUK SOO™. If you experience pain during an exercise, then stop. This workout is very challenging and is not suitable for those who are pregnant, or those with a heart condition or joint pain.


The NUK SOO™ Physical Assessment

Please download and print out your NUK SOO™ Assessment Tracking Sheet before continuing any further. There are no prescribed sets and reps for the exercises below. All I ask is that you to do as many reps as you can in the time given and record them in your sheet. Good luck!


Warm Up

Even though today shouldn’t be too tough, it is always important to prepare the body for battle! Please follow along and if anything feels sore just press pause and do some static stretching. As with all new exercise programmes please make sure your doctor approves first. NUK SOO™ is tough and it all starts now! In 45 days we shall return to these moves and re-assess where you are at.


Plyo Press Up Assessment

Starting Position: Begin this move by being in a press up position on your knees.

Technique: Lower your chest to the floor, then push up quickly and clap your hands before landing back in the start position. Always breathe out on every push-up/clap. Keep the abs tense to keep upper body flat, thus maintaining good form.

Pro Tip: The human body is very intelligent as it has ways to reduce pain and reserve energy, so as you get tired the arms will want to flap out wide so the pecs can help. The more your elbows are tucked in, the more your arms and shoulders will take over from the pecs. As the pecs are relatively big muscles, this makes the movement feel harder and will make your triceps and shoulders develop quicker. Be aware of this and decide whether you are going to give in to what your body thinks is best, or push through (being careful to maintain strict form).

Spend 10 seconds practicing the move first, then do as many reps as you can in 90 secconds.

Set up the timer on your phone and give it your all!


Knee to Elbow Press Assessment

Starting Position: Start in a press up position with your hands under the shoulders and your feet hip width apart.

Technique: Shift your weight onto your left arm and lift your right foot off floor. As your chest lowers, draw your right knee towards your right forearm. Tap it and then go back to start position and repeat on other side.

Pro Tip: Rotate your head to the side that your knee and elbow meet – this will make it more fluid. Imagine yourself as a panther and flow into each rep.

Do as many as you can!


Wushu Lunges Assessment

Starting Position: Stand upright with your arms and palms out stretched horizontally with the fingers pointing up. Keep the tension in your arms to maintain a stretch in the tendons and nerves running through your arms.

Technique: Step backward with your right foot so you go into a reverse lunge position. Maintain an upright posture and tense your core. Now push back off the floor and drive your right knee toward your chest and then place it down to the floor. Keep the movement really controlled and repeat on other side – and then keep on alternating.

Pro Tip: As this works your balance, keep your eyes focused on a point 3 meters in front of you.
The power of breathe is often discussed by Chinese Martial Arts Masters, so lets try to keep this lower body conditioning move authentic by breathing only through your nose. Do long inhalations and short, sharp exhalations. It is believed that breath connects us all to our life force energy known as ‘chi’.

Quite simply, do as may reps as you can in 2 minutes.


Capoeira Kick Assessment

Starting Position: Get on all fours with your hands shoulder width apart and your knees bent so they are directly below your hips. Have a flat back and a relaxed neck.

Technique: This is quite complex to do fluidly, so watch the GIF and video application and read the copy below. Aim to increase fluidity once you have all the components dialed into your muscle memory.
Stage 1 – Lift your left foot off the floor and begin to rotate the right foot by 180º so your heal is facing towards you. Do this whilst lifting your right arm off the floor and into the air.
Stage 2 – Relax your right quad muscle so your hip drops down close to your ankles and then extend the hip and leg out at 90º. It shouldn’t touch the floor but it should stay parallel to it, lifted a couple of inches at all times.
Stage 3 – Return to the start position and place your hand back on floor and then repeat on the other side.

Pro Tip: The back foot rotating is the key to mastering this move. This move will only look and feel great once all the elements are solid and the body is moving as one complete unit. When learning, it’s sometimes useful to do the elements totally incorrect on purpose to highlight the importance of the technique

Do as many as you can.


Reach Punches Assessment

Starting Position: You may want to use a mat or sit on a cushion for this exercise. Very similar to a BJJ Hip Thrust, lie on your back and slide your feet in so your knees are pointing up (legs in an upside down V). Have your head and the back of your shoulders one inch off the floor.

Technique: Sit up and extend your left clenched fist to the ceiling. Crunch up and let your body naturally rotate as you reach as high as you can. Return to the start position and then using the right hand repeat the action. Always breathe out as you punch and make sure you are bracing your core.

Pro Tip: Imagine you are punching upwards towards a real target each time. The smaller the imaginary target, e.g. a tennis ball, the more your mind will focus.

Do as many reps as you can in 2 minutes. You must fully sit up and extend your arm up for it to count as a complete rep – otherwise it’s not a rep and do it again!


One Handed Burpee Assessment

Starting Position: Begin in a half squat position with your left palm touching the floor and your right hand behind your back.

Technique: Jump your feet backwards so your are in a press up position, then jump forwards so your feet land back in the same position and then jump in the air. As you jump swap your hands around so your left hand is behind your back and your right hand is by your side ready to support you as you land. When you land, bend your knees and repeat the exercise with the opposing hand. Keep on alternating sides and try and get into rhythm just like the GIF.

Pro Tip: To maximise your cardio benefits don’t be lazy on your jumps. Really kick back when horizontal to get into that plank and when doing the vertical jump, go for as much height as you can. The more you push the bigger the sense of accomplishment.

Practice your form for 10 seconds, then do as many reps as you can in 2 minutes.

You can use any hand or any combination of hands, but your legs must fully extend out on the jump back for it to count as a rep.


Cool Down

Your assessment session is now over so please now follow Jens cool down and stretch. Tomorrow you shall begin your journey with the first warrior circuit so eat well and get some rest. Have a think about the answers you gave in your form and how your body performed today. Our next re-assessment is in 44 days. We have lot to do before then!

Assessment completed!

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