Are you preparing for a role?

We provide specialist personal training to help you look, move and truly embody your character. Our expertise in training actors is owed to our years of experience coaching international athletes, professional fighters and supermodels. The results we get, along with our discretion, have made us the ‘go to’ team for many high profile actors across the stage and screen.

For pre-production physical conditioning in London, we can assist you (or the entire cast) by providing; strength and conditioning, weight loss, stress resilience / lifestyle advice, movement training, parkour, stunt preparation, yoga, dance, pilates, boxing, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, weapons training, deep tissue massage, sports rehab/physiotherapy and osteopathy.  We also provide a variety of nutritional solutions including meal supplement plans, daily food delivery or a private chef.

We can also provide on-location cast maintenance and athletic feasibility testing to assist producers during the casting process.

For Los Angles productions, we recommend Jason Walsh and his team at Rise Movement.


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