The MX Class is a specialist group exercise classes for women that desire to be lean and toned. Championed by the fashion industry, our Methodology X™ system uses curated elements of pilates, dance, yoga, athletic conditioning and mindfulness to provide an empowering and results-focused suite of group workouts.

Our MX Instructor qualification teaches this unique fitness & toning system for women and gives you all the tools and resources need to run our suite of award-winning MX Class at your gym, in parks and/or online.

After you qualify, we also help with marketing and Dan provides additional direct support. We are looking for more passionate, kind and talented coaches to join our family as we grow Methodology X’s global reputation as one of the world’s best exercise classes for women who want to be lean, fit and toned.


The MX Instructor Course costs £497

  • This includes 12 months license fee and full support after you qualify.
  • After 12 months to maintain your licence and to continue to get class updates and marketing support, there is a £75 annual fee.

We offer two qualifications, however everyone must start with the Methodology X Group Instructor certification. MX qualifications are written by Dan Roberts and they teaches a unique, award-winning fitness system to tone up women in an athletic, mindful and fun way.


MX Instructor

This will give you all the tools to teach our award-winning suite of MX Group classes (offline and online). When you study the Instructor course, you will learn all the exact biomechanics, techniques and teaching points of every Methodology X exercise,  the award-winning suite of 12 classes along with lessons on delivery, online classes and marketing. If you want to be part of our MX coaching family, and learn a comprehensive group exercise training system for women that delivers real results for your clients, then we can’t wait to welcome you!


MX Master Coach (Launching March 2021)

Enrolment on this course is for certified MX Instructors that have done 200+ hours of MX group coaching and are also qualified Personal Trainers. In this course, you learn the art and science of using Gyms, Strength & Conditioning protocols and exercise programming to help sculpt your female clients. Aside from learning how to Personal Training the MX way, you will also get more bespoke help on your business including sales, marketing, advertising, branding and positioning to help your MX business thrive.

Who is it for: The suite of MX classes are designed for females who exercise regularly and want to enjoy a scientific, precise, varied, intense and mindful fitness regime to give them a lean and fit figure. Also, personally  don’t mind if men turn up to classes, it up to how inclusive or exclusive you make them!

Who is not for: As some of the movements are quiet advanced people who have joint problems or are very overweight will struggle. MS is also not advised for anyone with heart condition or pregnant.

You must already be at least a certified fitness instructor before enrolling on our MX Instructor Course.

MX instructor training is suitable for certified fitness instructors, Zumba Instructors, Barre teachers, Pilates instructors, yoga instructors, exercise to music instructors, Dance teachers, group exercise instructors, Strength Coaches, physiotherapists and Personal Trainers.

NEWS: If you are not yet a certified Instructor and want to join us; we have partnered with the national governing body for group exercise, so you can get qualified as fitness instructor and as a Methodology X™ Instructor as joint package (at a discounted rate). Please click here to find out more.

Most of the classes are completely equipment-free and some use boxes or benches or balls and gliders You can teach MX in a gym, studio, park or beach as a group class or even as a 1-2-1 workout. MX is designed to help you get world-class results to your tribe however and wherever you teach it!

There are brief online multiple-choice tests following each lesson that are required to advance through the course. For your final exam, we require a video submission showcasing a short Methodology X exercise demonstration.

YES. Our Methodology X Instructor qualification is accredited and endorsed by the UK’s National Governing Body of Group Exercise.

Yes!, please email us. If you are interested in enrolling and we will happily answer all your questions. We can also schedule a short phone call or 15 minute Zoom chat with Dan Roberts directly too.