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Methodology X™


Methodology X™ is a comprehensive and scientific mindful body sculpting exercise programme for women that want to be lean, firm and model fit. All you need is a gym ball.

Upon purchase, you will enjoy immediate access to the workout, support group and bonuses.Please check your emails 5 minutes after purchase.

Bonus Add-on’s

For a one-off payment of just £79, you can enjoy unlimited lifetime access to the Methodology X® online members club, which includes:

  • The Methodology X 28-day exercise plan (accessible on all online devices)
  • Comprehensive exercise explanations and video demonstrations.
  • A yoga and meditation bonus from Sarah Hunt.
  • Exclusive nutrition, recipe, modelling and lifestyle articles from a range of fashion and fitness industry experts.
  • Ongoing online support by personal trainers via our customer Facebook group.

Please check with your Doctor before commencing any new exercise regime.