Founder & Head Coach
Dan Roberts

Since starting his coaching career in 1993, Dan has worked all over the world training a wide range of clients. His clientele includes professional athletes, business leaders, pop stars, royalty, fashion models and Hollywood Actors.

His innovative methods and coaching philosophy is owed to this varied experience as well as his diverse, wealth of qualifications in different sporting, fitness and wellbeing disciplines. Widely considered as one of the world’s leading Personal Trainers, he offers a truly unique and holistic approach to fitness that is echoed within his coaching team.

Partnership & Project Director
Amy Young

Amy has been working in the fitness and wellness industry for the last 10 years taking on roles that span across communications, marketing and business development.  Having worked from big brand names to smaller start-ups, she has gathered a plethora of skills doing everything from, website design and social media consultancy to brand development. She has found her home as Dan’s Partnership and Project Director, bringing all our exciting ventures to life – whatever they may be!

On top of having a Graphic Design BA degree under her belt, a passion for learning and the wellness industry has saw her embark on a nutrition science   degree and she is now a certified Nutritional Therapist, adding a new string to her bow.

Methodology X™ Account Manager
Stephen Modell

With eight years of brand development and sales consulting, all wrapped around seven years of acting experience, Stephen has a real passion for cultivating new ideas and storytelling in business.

Driven to push personal growth, and always delivering exceptional customer experience by actively supporting others, Stephen’s dedication to continuous learning is also emphasised by his unique background; involving professional B2B projects, diverse creative training, and his own natural problem-solving skills.

Social Media Manager
Mari Jayn

Mari Jayn is our social media and talented editor, videographer and motion graphic designer. With a degree in videography, she has an artistic and aesthetic eye which has seen her work with global clients from London to Ibiza.

The creative vision behind our social media since January 2017, her love of fitness, nutrition and self-development is evident. Gathering tips and quotes from the team as well as her own words of wisdom she is there to chat with you all things wellbeing. She’s waiting, come and say hi at @methodology_x and @teamdanroberts.

Personal Trainer
Kate Fasion

As a former Canadian national figure skater, Kate has always been intrigued by the body’s ability to perform. Her passion led her to the University of Calgary, Canada where she received a Masters in Applied Exercise Physiology, specialising in sport, recovery and pre and post-natal for women. Kate is also a certified Fascial Stretch Therapist.

In addition, Kate has worked with a variety of international clientele, from the Canadian Men’s Olympic ski team to individuals with sports injuries, chronic illnesses and those dealing with hectic, stressful lives. Kate is a senior member of our coaching team and works with a wide range of clients in our Kensington and Soho locations.

Martial Arts Instructor
Master Leo Au Yeung

World renowned Kung Fu trainer Master Leo has been practising for over twenty years and is an expert in his field. During his extensive career, he was the official Wing Chun fight choreographer for the blockbuster Chinese action film IP Man.

Born in Hong Kong, Master Leo Au Yeung learned Wing Chun directly from the eldest son of the legendary Ip Man, Grand Master Ip Chun. Leo works with our actors for action film preparation and also for those of you that want to experience real Chinese martial arts connect with your inner life-force/chi. Sessions are available across London.

Yoga Teacher
Sarah Hunt

Sarah is our Head of Yoga and Meditation, with experience spanning a decade. Growing up in Toronto she now resides in London and was the first member of Dan’s team when the group formed in 2012. Her approach to yoga is unique, fresh and fun as well as creative and upbeat. Powerful and dynamic sequences blend elements of vinyasa which encourage vitality and rejuvenation. When balanced with slower and more mindful poses, her yoga leaves your body and mind in a relaxed but elated state.

Resident yoga teacher for London Fashion Week, and a popular international wellness speaker, Sarah splits her time between our private and corporate clients across London, as well as our Miami retreats. Sarah also offers group classes throughout London and travels with clients internationally.

Personal Trainer
Gus Barton

After qualifying with a BSc in Sport Science, Gus then decided to specialise in Personal Training. Combining this high level of technical knowledge with enthusiasm, Gus understands how to specifically tailor exercise programs into his clients busy, demanding and often stressful lives. Combining various methods he ensures his clients look, move and feel better.

Gus also has a passion for challenges and adventures, his latest ended in 2016 with a 3000 mile row across the Atlantic and he’s currenty training for an Ironman. Gus helps our clients with performance, fitness and body composition goals and works out of our Kensington and Soho location. Gus also travels with clients internationally.

Associate Personal Trainer
Giselle Grant

Texas born and now London based, Giselle has always lived an active life, from cheer-leading to track and field. Her passion for fitness was undeniable, so when she changed professions from a speech therapist to a group fitness instructor, and more recently a personal trainer, she never looked back.

Giselle’s warmth, integrity and natural talent as a coach caught Dan’s eye, and she now helps clients of all fitness levels to improve their body composition and day to day functionality. Her tools of choice are weights, suspension training and kettlebells.

Personal Trainer & Boxing Coach
John Paul Temple

John Paul (JP) is a highly experienced, thoughtful and motivating trainer. He’s an ex-pro boxer and holds a British boxing professional trainers license. He has trained numerous pro fighters and assisted them with the technical, mental and conditioning side of their game.

JP’s professional boxing career spanned 22 years and he been a personal trainer for over 10 years. JP’s experience, passion and flair for coaching has helped transform the mindset and bodies of a wide range of corporate clients over the years.

Associate Personal Trainer
Sophie Thomas

Sophie’s boundless enthusiasm for fitness, mental health and wellbeing led her to become one of our original Brand Ambassadors and in 2016 she became a fully qualified personal trainer and Methodology X instructor. Sophie’s empathetic nature and raw talent for coaching makes her a welcome addition to our coaching team.

Sophie is a specialist in body weight conditioning and works with clients in parks and homes throughout London.

Sarah Dewey

Sarah Dewey has a wealth of experience working for 20 years as a massage therapist and is renowned for her life changing deep tissue massages. She has a degree in Sports Rehabilitation and is a regularly featured expert in the national media.

Sarah deeply cares about our clients’ well-being and her calming manner and bespoke massages put them in a wonderful state of inner healing. She is an important memer of our team and does home visits all over London.

Garry Trainer

New Zealand born Garry Trainer has spent the last 25 years in the UK establishing his practices in Harley Street and Primrose Hill, combining osteopathy, acupuncture and massage to treat a myriad of debilitating everyday conditions.

He is a unique and pioneering practitioner believing and promoting the positive aspects that complementary medicine has to offer, yet has the access to and back up from the top medical consultants should circumstances require. Garry’s unique skills assist us with both new clients and those partaking in highly intensive transformation programmes.

Personal Trainer (NYC)
Miriam Fried

Miriam Fried is our New York City based personal trainer and a certified Methodology X Instructor. She received a BFA from New York University where she studied acting and musical theatre before falling in love with fitness and certifying through the American Council of Exercise. Miriam’s artistic background combined with her passion for exercise inspires her to find the creativity and fun in each and every workout. She works with our visiting NYC clients at parks and hotels throughout the City and from a boutique fitness studio on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Become a Brand Ambassador

We have a wonderful team of global brand ambassadors. Ambassadors are healthy, inspiring and embody the Dan Roberts’s spirit and brand. Our ambassadors include actors, singers, presenters, dancers, coaches, models and professional athletes. They play a vital role in our mission to inspire people to live a more athletic live.

Want to join our community? If you want to join us please send a short video application explaining what you do and why you want to become an ambassador. Fame is not essential for us but authenticity is. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Please email [email protected] for more information.

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