Specialist Training for Actors

We provide specialist physical preparation to help you look, move and embody your character on stage or screen. Dan’s 25+ years of experience coaching Hollywood actors, international athletes, professional fighters and top models have made us the ‘go-to’ solution in the UK for many high-profile Hollywood movies, European cinema, BBC, Netflix, Amazon, HBO and West End theatre productions.

For pre-production physical conditioning, we assist actors or entire casts with our holistic approach that can include; strength and conditioning, weight loss, stress resilience, lifestyle advice, movement coaching, parkour, stunt preparation, tricking & flipping, yoga, dance, boxing, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, multiple weapons training, deep tissue massage, sports rehab/physiotherapy and osteopathy. We also provide various nutritional solutions, including bespoke meal & supplement plans and daily meal delivery, private chefs and supply and/or recommend specialist coaches for on-set talent maintenance when filming outside of London. (Please note for LA-based projects, we recommend Jason Walsh of Rise Movement in West Hollywood).

If required, a breakdown of the roles and productions we have worked on can be shared during your initial consultation with Dan.

For an online program inspired by the fitness, martial arts and body transformation work Dan does with Actors, see NUK SOO®