My MX URBAN 28 day workout was designed to be a kick-start for you to train smarter and train harder.  Well done for completing the workout! Before moving on to MX SAHARA, I usually recommend you do it again, as MX-ers often tell us that they enjoyed it more the 2nd time around! I would recommend doing a maximum of six ‘cycles’ a year as I want to keep your body guessing and your mind stimulated.

In addition, I have designed three additional World-Tour challenges, each with three different levels of difficulty so you have nine new workouts to pick from.

Three Methodology X Challenges

  • The World Tour 6 Week Challenge: Do the World Tour three times back to back.
  • The Advanced World Tour 8 Week Challenge: Do four cycles of the World Tour again but do three rounds of each circuit rather than two rounds.
  • The 4 Week City Builder Challenge: Take any one city from the world tour and do one round on Monday. Two rounds on Tuesday, three on Wednesday, four of Thursday, five on Friday, six of Saturday and finally do seven rounds on Sunday. Do this for all four cities. Start with Milan, then Paris, then London and finish with New York.

Also, For each of these challenges, there is an intermediate, advanced and master level of difficulty.

  • Intermediate: Do all World Tour exercises for 60 seconds  - as currently written
  • Advanced: Do all World Tour exercises for 90 seconds
  • Master: Do all World Tour exercises for 2 minutes