Words of Wisdom from our resident yoga teacher, Sarah Hunt

It is our natural desire as human beings to want new things. Whether they’re material things, relationships or a drastic changes in life, we’re rarely content with what we have. Most of us hold a cherished belief that a change in our outside world would do the trick. We even go as far as to blame things around us for not letting us get to a place where we really want to be. When we focus on our external world as a cause of our problems, we never get very far.  People who do this often will usually go on to tell others about their misfortunes. We all have that person in our lives who loves to tell anyone and everyone about the negative things in their life. They feel like they’ve been dealt a bad hand and won’t let it go. We must remember though, what we focus our attention on expands. That’s that.

We want new things but we are reluctant to let go of our stories. This script that makes up our lives gives us a sense of identity. This might explain why we hold onto our pain far beyond its ability to serve us. We continue to replay old stories in our heads and cling to guilt, frustration and regret. Maybe this brings us a sense of power, or maybe we’re scared to find out what will happen if we drop it all?

In order to invite new things in, we must start letting go of things that are no longer serving us. Imagine your body as completely full to the brim. Any new activity or journey we embark on must have room to come in. The same goes with our thoughts. If we make a true effort to be more positive and less judgmental, we have to let go of our past that accepts a state of tension as the norm. These habitual thoughts circle around us all day, and we usually don’t even realize it. Start now by picking one story or thought that you’re clinging to. With a deep exhale, feel it leaving your being and floating away. On your next inhale, invite anything new in that feels spontaneous and authentic. This is the start of creating a new you that is no longer overrun by regret from the past or stressful anticipation about the future. You’ll feel lighter and happier as you embrace this sense of freedom.

By Sarah Hunt, Yoga Instructor at Dan Roberts