Living our best life can be tricky! Today I want to share two mindset tips that I think will help.

1) Have a way of dealing with information overload

It doesn’t matter what system you employ! but life can feel so overwhelming, with everyone posting opinions and experts disagreeing over what is best. It is hard enough knowing what we should do let alone worry about execution!. We need a solution. I’m a big fan of ignoring the noise, simplifying life and finding real experts to teach me stuff… I’d go so far to say it doesn’t really matter what you learn!… if you find a great teacher who is as passionate as they are skilled, then hire them! The key to navigating through information is to be selective, and employ critical reasoning. My first ever podcast episode (which I only just recorded 10 days ago) discusses this in more detail and gives some additional insight.

2) Take the red pill… and change your limiting beliefs

Our beliefs help us make sense of and navigate through the world. They are easily formed yet rarely challenged (by ourselves) The brain is designed to be efficient more than accurate! So when we study neuroscience, NLP and philosophy, we realise that beliefs are not static, but are fluid entities that justify our actions more than seek the truth. Like Neo… I always recommend taking the metaphorical Red Pill and live a life full of (self) awareness. To live fit, well and athletic life we have to look at how we make decisions and see if there are any limiting thought patterns and inaccurate beliefs that are holding us back.

In my 2nd ever podcast episode recorded 3 days ago!;  I discuss your beliefs and share story of client many who had a negative belief he had about body and fitness challenged during our initial assessment in London, and what we did to reinforce his replacement belief. I also share an important exercise that helps become more aware of the beliefs you have surrounding your body, exercise and shone a light on them to see if they are truly accurate and useful.

The MX Podcast

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