This past week has been mental health awareness week. The main focus for us this year is on body image, which is a complex and nuanced subject. As always, we like to go a little more in-depth and provide real education and insight and as such, we are very happy to share two resources with you.


Firstly is our brand new and 100% FREE body image guide, written by and starring our team Psychotherapist, Danielle Sandler. This concise guide is full of insights, videos, and practical tips for those of you. There is so much talk on body image within the fitness and wellbeing industry so it’s important to get a real expert into the conversation.


In addition, you can watch a candid discussion with Dan Roberts, taken from his live Radio interview yesterday. The topics discussed include male body image and the subsequent effect of movies and social media, Beta waves and mental states, zen and philosophy, monastic life, progressive resistance, martial arts, mindfulness, mindful movement, the dangers of the body positivity movement, and the importance of critical reasoning and self-awareness. Within this interview, Dan also offers practical tips to help you get fit and be happy.